Readers comment on UF rejecting GRU for a new power plant, climate change and more

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The Duke Energy Cogeneration Plant on the University of Florida campus. Its closure is leading UF to seek a partner to build a new plant.
The Duke Energy Cogeneration Plant on the University of Florida campus. Its closure is leading UF to seek a partner to build a new plant.

Power plant decision

I read The Sun’s recent editorial, “Decision raises questions about UF-Gainesville partnership,” with interest. Let us for a moment look at some possible reasons that the University of Florida or any sane organization might not want to use the city as its power partner.

Reason one: a city commission that is relatively dysfunctional. Reason two: Gainesville Regional Utilities has one of the highest utility rates in the state. Reason three: The city uses GRU as a big piggy bank to fund its every whim.

In summary, UF should deal with an enterprise in its utility functions that has a governing body whose fiscal policies are pushed by stockholders and regulated by the Public Service Commission, and not with a governing body whose fiscal policies are pushed at the ballot box.

Victor M. Yellen, Gainesville

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Not funny

Because institutions sometimes get it wrong on the rules, David Whitley sees “severe cases of pandemic paranoia.” Whitley’s snarky jokes about COVID protocols in sports are not funny as new hospitalization records are set.

With over 600,000 U.S. citizens dead and more in danger, Whitley needs to show some sensitivity and perspective, rather than going for the cheap laugh.

James H. Sullivan III, Gainesville

Counteracting climate change

Will the people in this country continue to ignore climate change and (as seems to be happening) fight each other politically or worse while planet Earth is wrecked? Earth is the only home we have ever had. Forget “let’s all migrate to Mars or some other planet” because it cannot happen.

Remember Al Gore and how he warned us in 2006? How many of us ignored him because “he could not be right” and “the scientists could not be right" (some of us thought they knew better).

We are fortunate to have a National Science Foundation. This country has many excellent scientists. With funding, they can almost work miracles.

Right now, we need action by physicists who could dream up workable methods of counteracting climate change and the funds needed to implement them. This undoubtedly will be extraordinarily expensive and may be impossible. But, in light of the alternative, we must try.

Nothing else matters so much to humans and other organisms of this planet. Our government must support this.

J.H. Frank, Gainesville

Individual liberty

In their wisdom, the framers of our Constitution understood the importance of individual liberty. They created a government that placed the liberty of the individual and of the people at the top of the power pyramid. Our founders believed that liberty would be guarded by the citizens from an overreaching government, and that need for liberty would prevent electing officials that would subvert the Constitution.

The understanding of the plain text of our U.S, Constitution prevented American citizens from becoming subjects. Since the introduction of Marxist ideology, those that subscribe to said ideology have worked tirelessly to weaken our Constitution as well as weaken and dilute the people's knowledge of our Constitution.

This allows for the election of officials (regardless of party) willing to legislate or operate beyond the limits prescribed within our Constitution. This opens government up to the power hungry at the expense of the citizen and regresses civilization in America closer to being ruled over by the elites and overlords.

Our founders willingly put their lives and honor on the line to prevent what the Marxists have ushered us back to.

Walt Boyer, Newberry

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This article originally appeared on The Gainesville Sun: Letters to the editor for Jan. 15, 2022

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