Reading Coronavirus Update: Number Of Cases Rises To 16

Alex Newman

This article originally appeared on the Reading Patch

READING, MA — There are 16 confirmed cases of the coronavirus in Reading as of Wednesday, according to the latest numbers from local health officials. The town previously reported five confirmed cases earlier this week.

The number of cases continues to rise across the state, and additional measures to stem its spread continue to be implemented. The governor has declared a Stay at Home advisory. All non-essential businesses have been closed.

Notably, Middlesex County, of which Reading is a part, has the highest number of positives cases in the Commonwealth (538 as of Thursday) and neighboring Suffolk County, which includes Boston, has the second-highest at 448. There are 2,417 positive cases in the Commonwealth, and some 25 people have died because of complications to the disease.

As more testing becomes available, health officials expect case counts across the state and at home to rise.