Reading Eagle: Berks County real estate transactions Jan. 2

Jan. 2—Real estate transactions

Editor's note: Some of the transactions do not include a transfer price because no money was exchanged for the property. All deeds are recorded in the Berks County recorder of deeds office and are a matter of public information. There is a delay between when the deeds are filed and their publication. Transactions are based on a file created by the recorder of deeds. For questions, call 610-478-3380 or send email to

Albany Township

Irene A. Dotterer to Dale R. Dotterer, Rte 737, $1.

Janet L. Leiby and Kraig W. Leiby to Brittany F. Price and Luke J. Price, 120 Kist Hill Road, $450,000.

Barry L. Fairchild and Paula M. Fairchild to Amanda Rae Bachman and Scott T. Bachman, Rte 737, $73,000.

Alsace Township

Wayne D. Sowers to Michael L. Pursel and Patricia A. Pursel, 2000 Lance Road, $255,000.

Foreman Painting LLC to Erick Hayes, 3011 Pricetown Road, $171,000.

Overlord Real Estate Holdings LLC to Elba Luz Ulhaq, 2317 Alsace Road, $242,500.

Harry A. Freeman and Joan B. Freeman to Foreman Painting LLC, 118 Oley Road, $100,000.

Amity Township

Faith Manifested Homes LLC to Christian Donabie and Amy Donabie, 107 Pine Lane, $397,000.

Daniel S. Shock to Daniel S. Shock and Danielle N. Williams, 703 Antietam Drive, $1.

Bernice Womack Taylor to Bernice Womack Taylor, 806 Antietam Drive, $1.

Richard J. Jaggers and Hyun Y. Jaggers to Eamon Henry and Stephanie Crescenzo, 421 Kingston Drive, $365,000.

John A. Kehoe and Michelle L. Kehoe to Alex Hartman and Lindsey Hartman, 210 Loyalsock Drive, $400,000.

William Walter Paul Jr. to William Walter Paul Jr., 101 Orchard View Road.

Kevin J. Cochran and Kelly C. Cochran to Amber Smale, 21 Horseshoe Drive, $200,000.


William E. Blair and Janice M. Blair to William E. Blair and Janice M. Blair and Carissa Waltenbaugh, 116 N. 4th St., $1.


Robert C. Stock and Yvonne M. Stock to Jared Dolansky, 19 Railroad St., $140,000.

Bern Township

Larry G. Kreiser and Theresa J. Kreiser to Elisa Filomeno Fontanez and Javier Saez, 912 R Center Road, $215,000.

Parker-Hannifin Corporation to 1018 Stinson Drive LLC, 1018 Stinson Drive, $1,895,000.


Shirley R. Davis Estate to Ryan Moyer and Ciara Pauline Moyer, 325 Stevens Ave., $195,000.

Bethel Township

Rickey L. Shreiner and Ann L. Shreiner to Brittany Ann Shreiner, 1020 Little Mt Road, $145,000.

Curtis G. Moyer and Debbie J. Moyer to Ralph E. Moyer and Crystal L. Moyer, 151 Frystown Road, $1.

Curtis G. Moyer and Debbie J. Moyer to Curtis G. Moyer and Debbie J. Moyer, 151 Frystown Road, $1.

Crossroads X. LLC to Ramar Land Corporation, 81 Daub Road, $10,000,000.


Roy C. Repko and Denise M. Repko to Pr Realty Management LLC, 207 N. Furnace St., $1.

Shana Cooper and Shana Yoder to Amy Jeanne Rassas, 611 E. 6th St., $290,000.


Roy C. Repko to Pr Realty Management LLC, 109 E. 2nd St., $1.

Brecknock Township

Anna E. Griffith Estate to Scott W. Cartwright and Michelle B. Cartwright, 4424 New Holland Road, $300,000.

Centre Township

Thomas M. Zimmerman to Jose Gonzalez and Maria Gonzalez, 41 Sayer Drive, $275,000.

Terry Hertzog and Cynthia Lapera to Terry Hertzog and Cynthia Lapera, 1657 Shoey Road, $1.

Colebrookdale Township

Krista E. Arndt and Adam T. Arndt to Krista E. Arndt and Adam T. Arndt, 246 Indian Lane, $1.

George A. Fronheiser and Ellen L. Fronheiser to Marc Anthony Trezza, 1272 Montgomery Ave., $311,000.

Donald R. Heimbach and Mary Kay Heimbach to Stanley Michael Frank, 537 N. Reading Ave., $250,000.

John F. Dierolf Jr. to Erica Shalaway, 638 N. Reading Ave., $85,000.

Michael J. Fithian to Alexander Ezra Vasco, 59 Cleaver School Road, $180,000.

Cumru Township

Michael K. Thompson and Lindsay K. Mohring to Michael K. Thompson and Lindsay K. Mohring Thompson, 1723 Meade St., $1.

Barbara P. Swoboda to Barbara P. Swoboda and Kimberly A. Swoboda, 746 Tamarack Trail, $1.

Hector Portillo and Rosa C. Rivera Deleon to Hector Portillo, 313 Governor Drive, $1.

Clayton A. Keffer Jr. Estate to Amy Weidner and Lynn Wert and Elizabeth M. Wojchehoski, 168 Mt. Penn Road.

D. Eric Weaver and Brenda S. Weaver to Peter M. Steffy and Morgan T. Steffy, 14 Alpine Drive, $415,000.

Douglass Township

Thomas J. Ervin and Rachel Ervin to Walton R. Williams, 162 Glendale Road, $248,125.

Matthew Allison to Jean Levan and Thomas Levan, 539 N. Sunrise Lane, $50,000.

Rudy Lauer and Angeline L. Lauer to Caleb Reichard and Whitney Reichard, 2 Evergreen Lane, $399,900.

562 Terminal Facility Limited Partnership Lllp to R&M Commercial Properties LLC, Rte 562, $335,000.

Earl Township

Donald L. Csuvay and Kristine Csuvay to Byron M. Kutz Ii and Emily Clemens, 4 Redbud Lane, $190,000.

Exeter Township

Brian Henry to Eric Rutter and Lydia Rutter and James Himmelreich, 245 Red Lane, $140,000.

Linda M. Wharton to Andrew M. Young, 4415 Sylvan Drive, $240,000.

David J. Sheehan to Steven Jay Crockett and Christopher Roland Crockett and Rachael Marie Crockett, 4860 Oley Turnpike Road, $157,000.

William F. Jakavick and Kaitlyn Larcinese to William F. Jakavick and Kaitlyn Jakavick, 984 Rill Road, $1.

Linda Lee Moss and Jerry Lynn Moss to Weichert Workforce Mobility Inc., 43 Linree Ave., $460,000.

Weichert Workforce Mobility Inc. to Brian S. Mishler and Corinne L. Mohr, 43 Linree Ave., $460,000.

Steven P. Scholl and Kristen A. Scholl to Benjamin Brady Jr. and Kelley Corrao, 5810 Littlefield Ave., $311,000.

Fry Road Investments LLC to Jeremy Anthony Weaver and Remmey Elizabeth Weaver, 173 Old Friednsbrg Road and Overlook Drive, $230,000.

George H. Monshower Jr. Estate to Jonathan Jay Cieniewicz, 210 Sunrise Road, $1.

Rasidha Rahman to Joshua Rozzi, 13 W. 35th St., $238,000.

Larry N. Venkler and Lynda N. Boas to Larry Norman Venkler Jr. and Tyler Lee Venklerr, 20 Laurel Ave., $120,000.

Corinne L. Mohr to Nicholas Perilli and Karlee Schmidt, 98 Wessex Court, $240,000.

Francisco Davila to Elizabeth K. Cooley and Sean D. Gregory, 6109 Jefferson Drive, $265,000.


Adam Kemmerer and Gina Kemmerer to Casey Carpenter, 35 N. Richmond St., $151,000.

Diane L. Conrad and Diane L. Reed to Mario Carannante, 210 S. Richmond St., $144,900.


Dale G. Gassert to William Robert Thames IV, 311 S. 4th St., $156,000.

Baljinder Singh to Anthony Marcello Scaletti and Melissa Sue Scaletti, 118 Winterson Drive, $350,000.

Heidelberg Township

Dale E. Shiffer and June V. Shiffer to Walter D. Zwicky, 11 Pieller Road, $250,000.

Hereford Township

Hereford Square Limited LLC to Gravel 35 LLC, Rte 29 and Rte 29, $1,300,000.

Yeakel Family Trust to Bradley N. Yeakel and Amy Marie Yeakel, 74 St Peters Road.

Jefferson Township

Jill C. Meade to Timothy K. Meade and Jill C. Meade, 23 Jennifer Drive, $1.


Erin M. Forrer and Erin Neiswender to Carlos A. Vallejo and Leticia Vallejo, 1621 Commonwealth Blvd., $210,500.

Charlene A. Haley to Brian M. Miller, 1041 Broadway Blvd., $200,000.


Carl D. Arndt Estate and Jerome Jackson to Jerome Jackson, 38 Greenwich St. and 40 Greenwich St., $15,000.

Anthony Civitello and Jake Hostrander to Landis Hometown Properties LLC, 28 Noble St., $230,000.

James W. Weakneckt IV to John Devin Reinbold, 119 Noble St., $135,000.

Aubrey E. Schwoyer and Peter R. Schwoyer to Annette M. Rusin and Mark L. Bischel, 450 W. Main St., $236,450.

Eric K. Dieterly and Brittany E. Dieterly to Juan Gabriel Pizarro Lopez and Kayshilee Mary Pizarro Lopez, 60 S. Whiteoak St., $200,000.


Brett C. Lucas and Amber Defuso to Barbara Jean Rodriguez, 3536 Ridgeway St., $186,000.

Austen R. Goodman and Ruth E. Goodman to Austen Goodman, 1500 King St., $1.

Michael E. Hudzik and Janice Hudzik to Manuel A. Vargas Puello, 1414 Park Place, $192,000.

W. Deangelo Estate to Anthony Deangelo Revocable Living Trust, 3217 Fulton St.


Antoinette Rowan and Naomi T. Macdougal to April Asencios, 163 Spring Garden St., $159,900.

Kyle A. Graeff to Mark P. Dreibelbis and Ashlie E. Dreibelbis, 243 Nichols St., $170,000.

Longswamp Township

Marco M. Santos to Marco M. Santos and Danielle Santos, 50 Schlossburg St. and Schlossburg St., $1.

Kevin M. Lesher to Jordan Loeb and Kirby Heagy, 1064 Valley Road, $211,000.

Raymond E. Greene and Constance E. Greene to Sunrise Valley Rentals LLC, 312 Chestnut St. and 312 A Chestnut St., $295,000.

Harold L. Heffner to Ryan Krieg, 9337 Longswamp Road, $210,000.

Lower Alsace Township

Cynthia Lizette Clore and James Clore to Elaine Becker, 23 Marshall Ave., $139,900.

Catherine M. Hayes to Robby Lee Shuker, 1363 Friedensburg Road, $175,000.

Ds Group LLC to Daryl A. Miller and Erin E. Miller, 508 Carsonia Ave. and Carsonia Ave., $371,000.

Thierry Muret to Nadia Muret and Gabrielle Muret, 1522 Kramer Ave., $1.

Lower Heidelberg Township

Joan Delores Stout and Joan D. Stout to Edward Huber, 329 N. Church Road, $240,000.

Maidencreek Township

Kale S. Johnson to Kale S. Johnson and Emma T. Tutino, 87 W. Wesner Road.

William M. Miller and Amy M. Ortiz to Marcus A. Shellenberger, 117 Lindbergh Ave., $269,900.

Lori Zimmerman to Katherine Ann Fegan and Robert B. Fegan, 100 Sandhurst Blvd., $390,000.

Ashley A. Johnson to Jordan K. Eyster and Amanda N. Eyster, 216 Genesis Drive, $321,000.

David Connor III and Susan Ciletti to David Connor III, 612 Walnut Tree Drive, $10.

Christine Eberhart and Christine Vrabel to Kaylie Vrabel and Derek Lopez, 420 Colonial Court, $280,000.

Lidia Folino to Kenneth T. Miller and Nicole M. Miller, 204 Sofia Blvd., $335,359.

Lidia Folino to Ryan J. Rutherford and Erica R. Rutherford, 213 Sofia Blvd., $425,000.

Marion Township

Joel D. Martin and Melanie R. Martin to Christopher P. Hostetler and Sheila J. Hostetler, 1259 Katterman Hill Road, $275,000.

Stone Group Inc. to David A. Hoover, Rosebush Court, $290,198.

Maxatawny Township

Peter M. Keegan Estate to Linda L. Fries, 31 Meadow Lane, $390,000.


Grant M. Aulenbach to Grant M. Aulenbach and Rita A. Tomashitis, 20 E. Fairview St., $1.

Mount Penn

Steen C. Lemon Jr. and C. Maria Lemon to Christopher E. Aguasanta Guzman, 2529 Grant St., $140,000.

Muhlenberg Township

Charlotte A. Burns to Dion J. Friday and Amber R. Friday, 3023 Kutztown Road, $145,000.

Junior Leon Gomez and Yulissa Garcia Deleon to Jose R. Duran Cruz and Lissette Hernandez Batista, 3134 Noble St., $220,000.

Robert A. Degeorge and Jamie E. Degeorge to James Hopkins III, 1046 Fredrick Blvd., $181,000.

Charles D. Hazard to Gilbert W. Carbon and Judy Lynn Carbon, 5000 Kutztown Road, $204,000.

Tyler J. Kutchma to Pamela A. Meintyre, 3320 Harrison Ave., $215,000.

Robert M. Doyne and Jody L. Doyne to Anna L. Starner Koch, 1012 Josephine Drive, $285,000.

Maya LLC to Michael W. Gerhard and Cynthia M. Gerhard, 4319 Pottsville Pike, $160,000.

Hovsons Inc. and Homeland Corporation to Muhlenberg Plaza LLC, 4205 N. 5th St Hwy, $1.

Calvin Lester Balestrini Jr. to Luis A. Melendez Jr. and Ada I. Otero Ortiz, 1337 Fredrick Blvd., $290,000.

McKenna Lenosky and Christopher Michael Lenosky to Fredy A. Melendez, 1045 Leanne St., $251,000.

Julie Kalnas Dieterly to Joann Minaya and Jose Minaya, 1803 Mt Laurel Road and 1801 Mt Laurel Road, $233,000.

Christopher S. Fortin to Bridget A. Lascala, 777 Georgia Ave., $280,000.

Susan E. Amante Estate to Jonathan Fabian and Derek Holland, 3714 Willow Grove Ave., $155,000.

Luis A. Negron and Mayra Hernandez to Luis A. Negron and Mayra Hernandez, 3705 Reading Crest Ave.

James A. Williams and Andrea H. Williams to Angel S. Cruz and Belmira Giraldi, 1022 Fredrick Blvd., $169,900.

Eusebio Almonte and Nancy Espinal to Christopher Gutierrez and Stephanie Gutierrez, 407 Fairview St., $1.

Duc Quang Dinh and Hong Thi Dinh to Huong Dinh and Bao Dae, 4709 10th Ave., $1.

Chelsea Weber and Christopher G. Leh to Glenny D. Estrella and Pedro Marte Rosario, 3820 Hilltop Ave., $245,000.

Mark A. Adams and Christine A. Weyandt to Mark A. Adams and Christine A. Adams, 1016 Eddystone Court, $1.

Forino Co LP to Grace Nana Tokua Asante, Rosalies Way, $236,254.

Ruth I. Destasio to Swift Property Solutions LLC, 724 W. Bellevue Ave., $100,000.

Philip Russo Estate to Tyler J. Lechner and Katie J. Zezenksi, 3407 Eisenhower Ave., $195,000.

Barbara A. Rimby to Barbara A. Rimby, 3017 Harrison Ave., $1.

Oley Township

Friends of The Kauffman Farm to Kauffman Springs Farm LLC, 293 Kauffman Road, $1,695,000.

Brandon P. Welch to Brandon P. Welch and Samantha Welch, 653 Main St.

Susan Vignoli Ferro to Susan Vignoli Sharadin, 67 New Hope Blvd., $1.

Wayne B. Seidel Family Trust to Barry W. Seidel and Debra A. Manwiller, 49 Meeting House Lane, $1.

Barry W. Seidel and Debra A. Manwiller to Barry W. Seidel and Lynne B. Seidel, 49 Meeting House Lane, $1.

Penn Township

John Burkey to Cortney Horne, 5635 Bernville Road, $107,000.

Perry Township

Katherine Rex to Adam W. Calm, 52 Oak Lane, $245,000.

Virginia J. Wesner to Allyssa Marie Thomas, 123 Northview Ave., $200,123.

Paul W. Flammer Jr. to Paul W. Flammer Jr. and Mary A. Flammer, 517 A Dreibelbis Mil Road.


U. S Bank Trust National Association and Reo Trust 2017-Rpl1 to Terrence Nelson, 1439 Fairview St., $49,900.

Richard C. Lafond Estate to 836 Nicolls St LLC, 836 Nicolls St., $25,000.

Modea Properties LLC to Jose J. Vasquez Jr. and Caroline A. Hernandez, 125 Walnut St., $53,500.

Luz D. Valles and Angel A. Rodriguez-Vazquez to Ana F. Abreu and Rossy M. Tineo, 119 Upland Ave., $115,000.

Hector E. Alcantara Delacruz and and Luz Nereida Perez to Genessi G. Darsy Polanco, 1211 Church St., $135,500.

Hector B. Nunez to Hector B. Nunez and Megan Joy Nunez, 937 N. 4th St., $1.

Charles L. Lehman Jr. to Elm Street Residence Inc., 128 Elm St., $195,000.

Helene M. Dooley to Alejandra Karina Heredia, 515 Windsor St., $89,900.

Vsem Properties LLC to David Garcia Lopez and Rutila Lisbeth Zunun Diaz, 23 S. 2nd St., $70,000.

Christopher M. Ellis and Rebecca A. Ellis to Cristian Rodriguez Zapata, 505 S. 19th St., $135,100.

Maria Lopez Estate to Samuel Lopez and Garbrielina Lopez, 838 Bingaman St., $500.

Ariel Perez to Wesley Christopher Edwards, 337 A N. 11th St., $120,000.

Berks County Mortgage Company Inc. to Docitelo Figueroa Baldovinos, 343 Locust St., $10,000.

Able Holdings LLC to Guillermo Ortiz Martinez, 747 A N. 10th St., $100,000.

Premier Properties of Rdg LLC to Andres Rosario, 205 Schuylkill Ave., $110,000.

Gina M. Falter to Esmeri A. Toribio, 519 S. 10th St., $99,000.

Jjs Management LLC to Rosabal Real Estate Corporation Inc., 259 S. 10th St., $210,000.

Barry Arndt to Rlk Realty Company LLC, 342 N. 13th St., $38,000.

Mary Augusta Zoller and Richard Cady Whiffen to Carline Joseph Charlemagne and Ergo Joseph, 945 N. 3rd St., $140,000.

Joel Gonzalez to Karina Luzon De Hiraldo, 822 Delta Ave., $157,000.

Michael K. Jefferson and Colleen M. Jefferson to Roldan De Jesus Perez-Tejera, 1124 Oley St., $140,000.

Maritza I. Sanabria to Rafael Lopez Bonilla and Maritza I. Sanabria, 1126 N. 12th St., $10.

Victor Dzeban to Ana L. Chevez, 228 Orange St., $54,500.

Jean H. Falinski to Ivonn Reyes, 1427 Logan St., $205,000.

Roberto Valdez to Maria Esther Vazquez Baez, 829 Weiser St., $135,000.

St Marks Evangelical And Reformed Church of Reading Pa to Arrows Christian Academy, 211 W. Greenwich St. and 613 Lincoln St., $250,000.

John Breyer to Diana C. Callahan, 122 Belvedere Ave., $160,000.

Ramon Benitez Jr. to Oscar Lizardo-Ovalles, 1040 Perry St., $125,000.

Maureen M. Bailey and Maureen M. Treat to Eric Schultz, 1034 N. 10th St., $10,000.

Betty E. Portner to George D. Shattuck and Holly Anne Shattuck, 626 Alton Ave., $175,000.

Berkshire Holdings LLC to Berkshire Towers Holdings LLC, 726 Washington St., $1.

Dsv Spv3 LLC to Geraldo Carabello Del Rosario and Geraldo Carabello Del Rosario 1414 Pike St., $1.

Dsv Spv1 LLC to Laray Deneen Hoffman Zavala, 523 Mulberry St., $1.

Dsv Spv3 LLC to Delma Ortiz, 521 Robeson St., $1.

Dsv Spv2 LLC to Carlos Santos and Marlon Aleman and Maria Santos, 714 Ritter St., $1.

Albert H. Blough and Jane C. Blough to Richard D. H Devine and Marykate A. Devine, 1415 Hampden Blvd., $325,000.

Ermita Melendez to Christian Melendez and Maria D. Polanco, 813 N. Front St., $144,900.

Frederic Perfetto to Delcio Romero Almanza and Maria Esmeralda Baez, 1026 Oley St., $86,000.

Naseem Ulhaq and Elba Ulhaq to Naseem Ulhaq, 1312 Hampden Blvd., $1.

Suzi Ford to Piero Bisoneaux, 411 Walnut St., $195,000.

Maryjane Ricci Estate to Arthur A. Ricci II, 1823 Perkiomen Ave., $1.

Glorymar Gonzalez-Guilbe to Jose L. Cabrera, 1360 Perkiomen Ave., $139,900.

Jose V. Galan to Johenny Perez, 1309 N. 10th St., $52,000.

Asiul LLC to Charles Durham and Maria Durham, 1200 Centre Ave. and 1214 Centre Ave., $295,000.

Valerie Santos to Liliana Vargas and Ana E. Vargas, 1259 Spruce St., $500.

Lawrence A. Adams to Ois Property Holdings LLC, 539 Elm St., $20,000.

Anna B. Dombrowski Estate to Ronald R. Dombrowski, 1103 Spruce St.

Alberto A. Marte to Antony M. Bruno Tavarez, 918 Muhlenberg St., $3,000.

Jose L. Gallo-Garcia to Bryant Joel Diaz Olivo, 1033 Spruce St., $25,000.

Richmond Township

Laila A. Wesner Estate to Darlene M. Wesner, 1247 Richmond Road, $210,000.

Robeson Township

Richard A. Leonowitz and Melinda G. Leonowitz to Katherine A. Yons and Arlin D. Yons, 159 Oak Tc Drive, $318,000.

Dsv Spv1 LLC to Clarence Richard Crouse, 2745 Golf Course Road, $1.

Mark T. Baker and Dawn Baker to Mark T. Baker, 100 Mill Road.

Evelyn M. Cassidy to Heidi Ann Medina and Marco Vinicio Medina, 209 Overlook Road, $465,000.

Carol A. Eckman to Greg Holland and Kelsey Holland, 6 Ruby Lane, $385,000.


Charles J. Long and Misty M. Long to Zachary John Carley, 20 S. Wayne St., $182,000.

Dennis E. Ross Jr. Estate to Katherine E. Bricker, 28 Patterson Drive, $285,000.

Rockland Township

Jennifer L. Freeby to Jennifer L. Freeby, 19 Sally Ann Furn Road, $1.

Ruscombmanor Township

Palma M. Zimmerman Estate to Katherine Haggar and Alexander Haggar, Keller Road, $1.

Dennis A. Bieber to Matthew J. Dolan and Amber L. Dolan, 900 Mtn Spring Road, $400,000.

Kenneth E. Reppert to Kenneth E. Reppert, 158 Houck Road, $1.


Elena M. Dellarciprete and Elena Hoyer and William B. Hoyer Jr. to Elena Hoyer, 220 Washington St., $1.

Heather L. Reiter Black to Jose A. Ruiz Martinez, 32 2nd St., $170,500.


William J. Geroni to Nicholas J. Serano Jr. and Nadene E. Serano, 17 Main St., $249,500.

Brian M. Wisniewski and Carissa L. Wisniewski to Gregory C. Schappell, 710 Reber St., $215,000.

Janene Schappell to Steven Scholl, 323 Main St., $117,000.

Barry J. Hepner Jr. to Logan W. Fox, 303 E. Noble Ave., $185,000.

Michael A. Fleming to Cody L. Cordwell and Kylie A. Whitmoyer, 28 W. Noble Ave., $199,900.

South Heidelberg Township

Grande Land LP to Michelle L. Clinton and Keith M. Clinton, 192 Sianna Cr, $357,930.

James R. Ruoss to James Robert Ruoss and Christina Marie Ruoss, 37 Forest View Drive, $1.

Dale Weyandt to Alex M. Haines, 309 Sportsman Road, $88,000.

Kirsten M. Hakim and Kristen M. Benjamin to Thomas A. Troup and Gloria J. Foley Troup, 419 W. Glen Tilt Ave., $410,000.

Kevin L. Beebe to Eric Foster and Kimberly A. Foster, 739 Furnace Road, $256,000.

Kevin A. Moyer to Ty Jan Garl and Kristyn Ann Culley, 436 Preston Road, $211,000.

Spring Township

Tyler Jay Steiger and Joanna Corby Steiger to Cassidy N. Chelius and Houston Bortz, 216 Harvard Blvd., $237,000.

Nonya T. McNeil to Ross Haas and Christen Haas, 209 Amherst Ave., $235,000.

Harold E. Demming and Marilyn J. Demming to Nz Capital LLC, 305 E. Main St., $215,000.

Con Van Doan and Kim Hoa Thi Le and Anh Vu Doan to Con Van Doan and Kim Hoa Thi Le and Andrew Doan, 500 Katharine Drive, $1.

Dominic Fiorentino Estate to Helen S. Fiorentino, 2249 Monroe Ave.

Krishan L. Malik and Kamal Malik to Cory M. Johnson and Elizabeth A. Johnson, 518 Augusta Dr W, $455,000.

Shirley A. Martz Estate to Ali Humud A. Jarah, 228 Hawthorne Ct N, $270,000.

Pravin L. Shah and Dina Shah to James McKeel and Abby Gray McKeel, 122 Coventry Lane, $420,000.

Leon S. Leshock Estate to Catherine A. Hartley and David N. Hartley, 2924 Gerard Ave., $220,000.

Jane L. Gieringer to Jane L. Rump and Terry Grant Rump, 1945 Gring Drive, $1.

Michael R. Bellavance and Paula Bellavance to John Nicholas Eliah Soto and Dolores Marie Picart, 913 Evergreen Drive, $324,900.

Donna M. Schera to Steven R. Lilley and Nina K. Lilley, 116 Hickory Lane, $250,000.

Bonnie J. Marsden to Franklin Dejesus Espinal and Sujeiry Gonzalez-Pena and Franklin Dejesus Espinal, 3024 Octagon Ave., $260,000.

John S. Zulick and Ja Hwa K. Zulick to If It Was Easy LLC, 149 Laurel Court, $215,000.

Randy E. Moyer Estate and Sherri L. Pokrywa to Elizabeth H. Goida, 503 West Lawn Ave., $200,777.

Job H. Van Leusden to Joel Brower and Katie Brower, 325 Miller Road, $544,000.

Russell Leblanc to Kingdom Property Group LLC, 2262 Reading Ave., $20,000.

Mark R. Werner and Charlotte J. Werner to Zachary R. Kring and Rosmery A. Saldana Vizcaino, 2513 Goddard Ave., $395,000.

Green Retreat LLC to Maria Ruiza Yee and Ngai Sum Yee, 2910 State Hill Rd A4, $135,000.

Brian Gilbert Montgomery and Brittany Witherington Montgomery to Tong Lin and Sai Xi Chen, 1402 Dogwood Drive, $290,000.

Rodney W. Stamm Sr. and Terry L. Stamm to Ammon N. Martin and Lois H. Martin, Girard Ave., $57,000.

Carolyn T. Hildebrand to Michael Screpesi and Barbara Screpesi, 304 Oak Hill Lane, $245,000.

Geraldine A. Naso to John C. Lutz and Kimberly A. Lutz, 415 Oak Hill Lane, $381,000.

Timothy J. Lynn and Victoria A. Lynn to Jeanne H. Mathieu-Gillot, 1929 Cleveland Ave., $239,900.

Harold E. Demming and Marilyn J. Demming to Nz Capital LLC, 307 E. Main St., $245,000.

St Lawrence

Kenneth B. Yocom and Charlotte A. Yocom to Leanne Marie Yocom Rhoades, 3919 Lynn Ave., $135,000.

Natalie J. Guisto to Natalie J. Guisto and Edmund J. Stacherski and David H. Stacherski, 3741 Patton St., $1.

Melody A. Deshong to Amy Casalenuovo, 206 Poplar Drive, $200,500.

Tulpehocken Township

Mount Aetna Developers Inc. and Alden Homes At Cornwall Inc. to Brittany Iwalani Amoi Bailey and Nicholas P. Bailey, 7680 Lancaster Ave., $318,630.

Jay Lorne Kaup and Dolores Esposito Kaup to Binh Nguyen and Thi Linh Tam Hoang, 82 Clover Drive, $299,000.

Union Township

Leonard G. McMullen to Shawn M. McMullen, 890 Geigertown Road, $1.

Washington Township

Vivian J. Lorish to Cynthia A. Brower and Jill L. Christman, 20 Frys Road, $1.

Duane S. Hoffman to Glenn Simms and Laurie Simms, Jenna Drive, $125,000.

Daniel L. Bell Estate to William Somerset Schofield and Maureen Priest, 19 Schultz Lane and 9 Schultz Lane, $610,050.


Andrea Giannotti to Vercio Jamel Wiley and Abigail Wiley, 150 W. Wilson Ave., $295,000.

West Reading

Wally Hicks Estate to Caosang Nguyen and Tram Chu, 392 Sunset Road, $140,000.

Rajinderpal Sandher and Nicholas Simpson to Rajinderpal Sandher, 710 Wayne Ave.

Susan D. Fontana and Susan D. Shott to Gnz Holdings LLC, 209 Olive St., $147,000.

Windsor Township

Elton J. Seidel Estate to Ray W. Seidel and Barbara L. Seidel, 546 Balthaser Road, $200,000.


Edward J. P Hesser and Sarah M. Kuepper to Jerry Bachert, 101 W. Franklin St., $172,500.

Erin L. Deneke to Sherry J. Hivner, 11 Weiser Court, $149,000.

Lance Allen McNear to Lance Allen McNear and Karen McNear, 757 William Penn Blvd.

Billy C. Lucas and Cynthia L. Lucas to Veniamen Shumeiko, 55 Seltzer Ave., $130,000.


Peter K. Reinhart to Charles Edmund Odonnell III and Adrienne Hermes, 932 Franklin St., $175,000.

Louis M. Starzl and Carrie J. Booth to Sarah E. Antosy and Bryan P. Antosy, 1206 Monroe Ave., $600,000.

Imad Sneij and Abed George Sneij to Imad Mark Sneij, 28 Valley Road, $1.

Georgia Kefalas Estate to Karahalias Properties LLC, 930 Hamilton Place.

Georgia Kefalas Estate to Karahalias Properties LLC, 936 Hamilton Place.

2210 Ridgewood LLC to Prompt 2210 Ridgewood LLC, 2210 B Ridgewood Road and 2210 C Ridgewood Road, $1,700,000.

Nancy E. Seifert to Timothy Lynn and Victoria Lynn, 6 Larchwood Road, $295,000.

Multiple municipalities

Peter W. Thomas and Anne M. Thomas to Casimir Robert Properties LLC, 160 Old Friednsbrg Road, $275,000.

Dale Weyandt to Biz Czar LLC, 4 Hyneman Lane, $890,000.

Lb Fencing LLC and L. B Fencing LLC to Clm Holdings LLC, 13950 Kutztown Road, $1.