The Reagan Hologram Idea Was a Joke the Whole Time

Rebecca Greenfield
The Reagan Hologram Idea Was a Joke the Whole Time

After Fox News' suggestion that Ronald Reagan himself might make an appearance at the Republican National Convention, Digital Domain -- the company that made the Tupac hologram earlier this year -- says that's not happening. "That rumor isn’t true," Digital Domain CEO John Textor told Speakeasy's Ethan Smith. It turns out that Fox News (possibly) got its information from a satirical post in the Bennington Vale Evening Transcript. Reading through the article, it's hard to see how Fox wouldn't know that it was a joke with lines like "They also see greater benefits in using dead celebrities who can be programmed to embody the romanticized images people have of them while excluding the realities of how unpopular they'd be today as a result of their actual deeds," wrote BC Bass. When Fox News first reported the possibility, the co-anchor didn't even believe it. ("Is that actually a theory that's out there, or is that you?" said one to the other.) And the idea even got itself a Twitter parody account. So, it's not too surprising this one turned out to be made-up. Though, Fox News never said it was a sure thing.

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Fox News had pitched the idea as a possibility for an empty spot at the convention this evening. We still don't know who will take the stage. But the latest Fox News speculation has an anonymous source saying that the "Hollywood Republican" Clint Eastwood will take the slot. If the RNC wanted a hologram Reagan for the mystery speaker this evening, however, Textor wouldn't object. "I would enjoy seeing holograms in political discourse," he told Smith. Coachella-goers responded well to a dead rapper making a stage appearance. Republican love for Reagan might inspire the same reaction for the reanimated dead President. 

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