The real Byers home from ‘Stranger Things’ lists in Georgia. There’s only one problem

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Anxiously waiting for the fifth season of Netflix’s hit series “Stranger Things” to drop?

While fans have to patiently twiddle their thumbs for another year or so, there’s a fascinating property from the show that just listed in Fayetteville, Georgia.

The three-bedroom, two-bathroom house that was a location in the show has listed for $300,000. The only problem?


The 1,846 square foot residence is being sold “as-is” and is in need of a complete makeover.

But that may not matter to die-hard fans.

“THIS is the original Byers house! That’s right the home of Will, Joyce and Jonathan Byers, just on the outskirts of the fictional town ‘Hawkins’,” the listing on Georgia MLS says in regard to the characters played by Noah Schnapp, Winona Ryder and Charlie Heaton.

“This home was featured throughout the first few seasons of the show and remains a nostalgic focal point of the series.”

The listing notes the house could be perfect for a short-term vacation rental once it’s all fixed up.


“Since the show was aired fans have traveled far and wide, almost daily, just to drive by and get a picture,” the listing says. “So much so that the owners had to put up a driveway barricade and ‘Private Property’ signs just to keep people from trespassing, so needless to say the house gets a ton of attention.”

The residence made an appearance on the popular real estate social media page Zillow Gone Wild and fans were transfixed.

“Sure, what could go wrong?” one person joked.


“Thank you for including the views from the Upside-Down,” someone said about the editing work of some of the photos. “That must mean you get the upside down house in addition to this house. Two for one!”

“It’s kind of a two for one deal if you can access the upside down,” another noted.


“Only if it includes the Christmas lights on the wall,” one person said.

“I’m not sure the upside down is going to pass inspection though,” someone joked.

“It’s in really great shape considering all the things that happened there,” another commented.


“This is the perfect place to stash my portable gateway to hell. No one would think to look here,” one person joked.

The listing is held by Michael Smith of EXP Realty LLC.

Fayetteville is about 20 miles south of downtown Atlanta.

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