Real estate sales in Peoria, Tazewell and Woodford counties for Dec. 19, 2021

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These transactions, recorded the week of Dec. 6, are compiled from information on file with the respective counties. They represent sales of $78,000 or more.


1605 N. Sixth St., Chillicothe: Cheryl J. Beddow and Judith A. Stenger to Brock A. Simpson, $99,000.

215 Collier Ave., Bartonville: Myrna L. Hawkins to Shawn Roberts, $99,900.

110 W. Clara Ave., Peoria: Heather M. Elder to Erwin and Teresa Gramajo, $103,000.

623 N. First St., Chillicothe: Adam R. Johnson to John E. and Amanda M. Payton, $109,900.

1409 N. Cole Court, Peoria: Arnel R. and Meghan E. Tejero to Christopher M. Hawley and Carl D. Brewer, $109,900.

512 W. Florence Ave., Peoria: Jacob M. Kuenzl to Cassandra M. Booker, $110,000.

10220 S. Walnut St., Mapleton: Glasford State Bank to James Wolf, $115,500.

1310 NE Monroe St., 517 Hayward St., 2401 W. Wiswall St., 1315 NE Monroe St., 2009 W. Garden St. and 1617 NE Jefferson Ave., Peoria: Alberto Osorio to BT Limited LLC, $117,500.

4938 N. Glen Elm Drive, Peoria Heights: Daniel Kerr to Robert Wiley Jr., $119,000.

711 W. Moss Ave., Peoria: William E. and Celia E. Mims to Fabian M. Hendrix and Stephanie R. Fowler, $122,00.

6 Foster Court, Bartonville: Michael and Ragan Thrasher to Declan T. McDaniel, $128,000.

726 W. Thrush Ave., 905 S. Warren St., 2723 W. Wyoming St., 2408 W. Wiswall St., 2314 W. Marquette St., 1010 W. Third Ave. and 2116 W. Garden St., Peoria: BSM LLC to Dreamzmaker LLC, $135,300.

8315 W. First St., Mapleton: Randall T. and Kelsy A. Randle to Curtis B. DeWeese Jr. and Melody Redell, $140,000.

906 W. Northcrest Ave., Peoria: Ryan Blackorby to Ryan A. Wood, $144,000.

814 N. William Kumpf Blvd., Peoria: Eugene A. and Sharon K. Nelson to Kermit A. Huber, $144,500.

3923 N. Melcosta Drive, Peoria: Elizabeth A. Carr to Jacki Miller, $145,000.

360 E. High Point Road, Peoria: Suneet B. Chauhan and Laura A. Pitchford to DCS Acquisitions LLC, $150,000.

5605 W. Overland Pass, Peoria: A. Bruce and Susan K. Culler to Catrina L. Adams, $158,000.

2604 N. Wilson Drive, Peoria: James and Judy Jackson to Donna Sampey and Alvin Delaune, $159,900.

1216 E. Melbourne Ave., Peoria: Kelly and Anita L. Burnett to S. Squared Holdings LLC, $163,000.

925 W. St. Marys Court, Peoria: Michael B. Maddalozzo to Edgar C. Velazquez, $185,000.

1817 W. Dunnrobin Court, Peoria: Joshua and Elizabeth Gabehart to Tobie Cannizzo and Kristofer Holt, $187,500.

803 W. South Forest Trail, Peoria: Chett and Calli E. Dicks to Cartus Financial Corp., $207,500.

803 W. South Forest Trail, Peoria: Cartus Financial Corp. to Nathaniel J. and Brynn N. Sharpshair, $207,500.

8409 N. Blackbridge Road, Edwards: Brandon Force, Jessica Hamilton and Kent A. Worthington to Brandon E. Thach and Amber M. Chapell, $210,00.

711 N. Fairgrounds Way, Elmwood: Philip L. and Catherine S. Johnson to Michael and Ragan A. Thrasher, $214,000.

401 SW Water St., Unit 810, Peoria: Joseph E. and Renee Couture to Rick H. Ruder, $218,500.

6904 N. Aycliffe Drive, Peoria: Clifford C. and Colleen M. Hubert to Sidney D. Wessol and Jaclyn R. Wessol Hattermann, $234,900.

10911 N. Route 91, Dunlap: Regg A. and Barbara J. Glawe to Cody Farris and Kent M. Tomblin, $238,500.

5242 N. Merrimac Ave., Peoria: Matthew A. and Diana L. Anderson to Constance S. Lowery, $239,900.

230 W. Vail Court, Peoria: Michael L. and Sarah E. Waldo to Cartus Financial Corp., $270,000.

230 W. Vail Court, Peoria: Cartus Financial Corp. to Scott Sacadat and Michelle Schertz, $270,000.

1607 W. Parkside Drive, Peoria: Mark A. and Erika K. Wrhel to John and Courtney Williams, $282,500.

4024 S. Dunbar Point, Mapleton: Scott T. and Lynn A. Bosecker to Christopher P. and Mary C. Fortin, $304,00.

231 E. Oak Cliff Court, Peoria: McCann Properties Group LLC to Legacy Investment Group LLC, $305,000.

3216 W. Richwoods Blvd., Peoria: Michael J. and Severa V. Martin to Robert J. and Jane Bassett, $325,000.

1623 W. Cedar Hills Drive, Dunlap: Darron R. and April D. Phillips to Cartus Financial Corp., $362,500.

1623 W. Cedar Hills Drive, Dunlap: Cartus Financial Corp. to Kenneth and Gillian A. Lynch, $362,500.

837 SW Washington St., Peoria: Frank Mendoza to Downtown Development Corporation of Peoria, $400,000.

SW Quarter Section 25-10N-7E, West Alta Lane, Dunlap: Fields Crossing LLC to Realty Green Acres LLC, $400,000.

8144 N. Crab Orchard Court, Peoria: J. Grant. and Bobbie J. Brewen to Jeffrey W. and Holli D. Halpin, $633,500.

8826 W. Legion Hall Road, Dunlap: Jeffrey P. and Julie A. Graves to Ossama I. and Sally Y. Ikladios, $710,000.

14801 N. Feucht Road, Princeville: Rock Creek Farm LLC to Kory L. and Alisa M. Endress, $800,000.

23425 W. Farmington Road, Elmwood: Harry M. and Tamra S. Fulton to West Fork Kickapoo Creek LLC, $1,285,000.

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101 S. Inglewood Drive, East Peoria: Derek E. Joos to Marilyn L. Worrick, $80,000.

234 Meadow Ave., East Peoria: Howard D. and Jeri L. Kellum to Jeremiah W. Johnston, $82,000.

10 Briarcliff Court, Pekin: Matthew D. and Cynthia L. Fitzanko to Cody Miller, $83,000.

212 Radisson Road, Marquette Heights: Douglas G. Jr. and Carole R. Brooks to Kelly Ward, $88,000.

1006 Catherine St., Pekin: Frederick and Alissa Carter to Tiffany M. Shore, $94,000.

1707 Florence Ave., Pekin: Christopher and Megan Harris to Chad A. and Stephanie R. Thompson, $99,000.

315 E. Edgewood St., Morton: Silver Ring Investments LLC Series 2 to Austin Weyland, $104,000.

1001 Coolidge Ave., Pekin: Rolland and Denise Reed to Dustin A. Redding, $112,500.

314 Claremont Ave., East Peoria: Lois King to Brynnon Heller, $115,000.

24 Rose Court, Pekin: Clint R. Delong to Dominic R. Smith, $115,000.

2208 Glendale Drive, Pekin: Jody M. Scanlon to Rebecca Lane, $120,000.

1418 Glendale Ave., Pekin: Wendell and Linda Darnell to Noah and Destini F. Dean, $132,900.

13995 N. Manito Road, Manito: Peter M. Noellsch to BGRS Relocation Inc., $138,000.

13995 N. Manito Road, Manito: BGRS Relocation Inc. to Kozik Beeney, $138,000.

2115 Sunset Drive, Pekin: Carla K. Greer to Barbara Bergmann and Teresa McDonald, $140,000.

812 Washington St., Pekin: Robert K. II and Nicole O. Cassidy to Andrea M. Goldie, $142,000.

2008 Sheridan Road, Pekin: James E. Lathrop Jr. to Brian P. Heskett, $145,000.

103 Appellate Court, East Peoria: Carol J. Cole to David L. Todden, $145,000.

215 & 219 NW Main St., Hopedale: Brian Reed to Christopher J. and Marissa Collins, $148,000.

2225 Stoney Brook, Pekin: William E. and Anna M. Meyer to Matthew M. Meyer, $150,000.

613 Simon Drive, East Peoria: Micah Bouillon and Essig Enterprises Inc. to Mark and Lisa Abbott, $152,000.

143 N. Maple Ave., Morton: Barry J. and Patricia L. Bladovin to Tyler A. and Kara N. Nafziger, $155,000.

2225 Stoney Brook, Pekin: Matthew M. Meyer to Cody Waibel, $159,900.

1312 Springfield Road, East Peoria: Lodgita Moore to Tyler Catton, $160,000.

1216 N. 11th St., Pekin: Jeffrey A. Schwartz to Shane and Holli N. Gerbracht, $169,900.

4516 Greenlawn Court, Pekin: Jerry L. and Marcia M. McDonald to Scott H. and Shirrell F. West, $179,900.

109 Walnut Court, East Peoria: Christine Heller to Shelby Lickiss, $180,000.

304 Orr Ave., Pekin: Brandon and Kristen R. Meinders to Charles A. and Robin Smock, $180,000.

2701 Springfield Road, East Peoria: Scot R. and Michele M. Furlong to Bryan P. Corrigan, $186,900.

124 Freedom Trail, East Peoria: Adam N. and Sarah Knickerbocker to Anthony R. and Kara M. Webber, $189,900.

571 Brecher Lane, Groveland: Brian L. and Darcy E. Glass to Douglas S. and Holly Holden, $210,000.

Deer Runn, Lot 9, Tazewell County: Nathan Hostetler to Erik N. and Emily M. Swanson, $215,000.

104 N. High St., Washington: Black Panther Holdings LLC to FTR7 LLC Series CB2, $225,000.

1405 Westgate Road, Washington: James J. and Jennfier C. Malinowski to Joseph E. and Karen M. Winne, $275,000.

147 Cracklewood Lane, East Peoria: Randall Pohlman and Michelle R. Eads to Derek A. and Amanda L. Boyle, $289,000.

102 Village Drive, Washington: Michael L. and Regina M. Nena to Scott and Carolyn Hendryx, $430,000.

Oak Acres, Lots 90-91, Tazewell County: Christopher C. and Tracy J. Spears to David North, $715,000.

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408 W. Front St., Roanoke: Jacob H. and Erin K. Sweeney to Emily D. Womack, $86,000.

707 Somerset Drive, Metamora: John W. Wheatley Jr. to Kevin and Kelli Perez, $176,000.

601-603 Dixie Drive, Metamora: Harold E. and Connie B. Weiss to Holly Pfederer, $195,000.

601 Timberlan Road, Metamora: William E. and Ophelia M. Willett to Bo R. Scott, $200,000.

513 Schmitt Lane, Metamora: Brock A. Christianson to Randall Jr. and Kelsy Randle, $250,000.

1328 N. Hickory Hills Road, Germantown Hills: Michael R. and Lilian A. Huebner to Randall L. and Michelle Pohlman, $262,500.

123 Rosemary Lane, Germantown Hills: Woods at Germantown LLC to Robin E. Simpson, $525,000.

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