Real estate transfers: 4 Massillon homes sells for more than $200,000

A house for sale.
A house for sale.

Four Massillon homes have sold for more than $200,000, according to the latest real estate filings with the Stark County Auditor's Office.

The properties are located at:

  • 357 Shaw Ave. NE, which sold for $210,000.

  • 401 Sheri Ave. NE, which sold for $254,500.

  • 4552 Brightleaf Ave. NW, which sold for $290,000.

  • 864 Liberty Court SW, which sold for $268,336.

The property transfers cover May 6 to May 12:

Bethlehem Township

Abbott Carmen & Folden Mary from Dennison George E & Roxann, parcel 10016811 Zebra Strip Ave SW, $10,000.

Clark Kenneth v from Kalem Timothy J & Raymond M & Paul H Jr, 6772 Shepler Church Rd SW, $230,000.

Clark Kenneth v from Kalem Timothy J & Raymond M & Paul H Jr, parcel 1000056 Shepler Church Ave SW, $230,000.

Creager Robert & Loretta from Emmert Robert & Heather, parcel 1101037 Tanganyika Trl, $40,000.

Dao Tookool from Slatzer Stephanie, parcel 1100458 Zebra Strip Ave SW, $15,000.

Garrison Linda S & Max B from Avins Nathaniel D, 9811 Navarre Rd SW, $244,000.

Mccraney Christina & William from Emmert Robert & Heather, parcel 1101038 Tanganyika Trl, $3,300.

United Estates Solutions LLC from Hollinger Donald L, 76 Ohio St SW, $63,250.

Wells Fargo Bank National Association from Ellinger Franklin S Myers Melissa D, 235 Canal St E, $50,000.

Canal Fulton

Clark Taylor Lauren from Hatfield Ina L & Michael D Ttees, 545 Poplar St, $172,500.

Classic Custom Homes and Remodeling from Schalmo Properties Inc, 936 Crockett Cir, $44,900.

Gibson David L & Gardner Debra L from Classic Custom Homes and Remodeling, 936 Crockett Cir, $379,900.

Jackson Township

Buell III William B & Sarah from Leitner Lynn E & David H, 1243 Taggart St NW, $95,000.

Fuchs Thomas E & Teresa L from Premier Bank & Trust Trustee of the Kath, 6830 Lake O Springs Ave NW, $240,000.

Gramoy Owen & Alyssa from Goode Brian S, 9717 Emerald Hill St NW, $305,000.

Gran Cary from Freymeyer Robert H & Johnson Barbara E, 7305 Galena Ave NW, $385,000.

Johnston Jadon S & Robinson Abigail G from Halco Michael & Julia L Trusteestrustees, 4573 High Mill Ave NW, $164,000.

Lucarelli Grace from Deville Hills & Dales LLC, 5966 Hawks Nest Cir NW Condo 9B, $426,600.

MVP Investment Holdings LLC from Bartuseck Mark J, 5794 Fairfax St NW, $299,000.

Nist Cassandra L & Corey from Lowe Nicholas J & Pezzulo Lowe Lorraine, 4150 Eastlynn Ave NW, $270,000.

Pond Michael from Self Kevin L & Suzanne M, 4504 Michael Dr NW, $157,100.

Rodgers Alexandra Leah & Berger Joel from Knauss Kevin P & Tina B, 5421 Vermouth St NW, $261,000.

Shisler Matthew C & Elizabeth from Sabljakovic Hakija & Raisa, 8464 Fulton Dr NW, $325,000.

Willowdale Country Club Inc Macy Linda from Willowdale Country Club Inc Baker Russe, 205 Sycamore Dr NW, $250,000.

Wood Kelly D from Marion Frederick M, 5808 West Blvd. NW, $737,000.

Lawrence Township

Bent Creek Properties LLC from Dommer Edward, 3665 Beaumont Ave NW, $35,000.

Kemp Rosea J from Stein Joshua & Sarah, 47 Thomas Blvd. NW, $57,500.

Miller Andrew from Check David J, 8561 Elmfield Ave NW, $141,230.

Petrarca Holding Company LLC from Cormeg LLC, parcel 2410955 Beaumont Ave NW, $499,000.

Satterfield Shannon Leigh from Simon Linda L & Russ Lee M & Joseph A, 10466 Scatell St NW, $185,000.

Slaton Carl Robert II & Sydney Nicole from Ronca Kathy L, 10280 Radmoor St NW, $79,097.

Tabellion Colin M from Nemec Lori, 4180 Alabama Ave NW, $151,471.


633 23 St LLC from Paul Michael F, 633 23rd St NW, $39,000.

Blakeney Jeremy & Chloe from Wilson Taylor J, 2950 Stanton Ave NW, $152,500.

Elias Juan from Acemark Properties LLC, parcel 608212 1st St NE, $92,500.

Furbay Monica & Young Regina R from Shewey Will & Maria K, 225 14th St NW, $143,500.

Haer Alexandra J from Jones Thomas B Jr, 1511 Main Ave W, $115,000.

Harrison Robyn M from Ferdinand David W, 357 Shaw Ave NE, $210,000.

Hawthorn George from Arndt Christopher L Sr & Davis Charles B, 403 Anthony Ave SW, $34,000.

Merwin Zachary from Friedrich Joanne M Trustee, 401 Sheri Ave NE, $254,500.

Morton Channing Danielle & Jessica from Gyovai Frank Michael Jr, 4552 Brightleaf Ave NW, $290,000.

Murtaugh Carrie from Laney Sherman R III & Willis William, 519 Green Ave SW, $20,500.

NVR Inc A Virginia Corporation from Lockhart A R Development Co, 1865 Fish Creek Cir NW, $59,000.

Paxton Taylor J & Mitchell S from PR Properties Leasing LLC, 864 Liberty CT SW, $268,336.

Shropshire Ernest D from Schneck Daniel F, 2265 University Dr SE, $188,500.

Simma Inc Property Solutions LLC from Schweizer Max O, 1777 Huron Rd SE, $25,000.

Wakefield Benjamin D from Bocol Enterprise, 925 Green Ave SW, $107,000.

Perry Township

Baumgardner Mark Steven & Morris from Fisher Jacob L & Barnes Brianna M, 3014 Chippendale St NW, $215,000.

Cos Hermelindo Sica & Fidelia from Lyden Dennis E, 3024 Rusty Ave SW, $248,000.

Disabatino Christine L from Jukich Robert S, 6897 Gauntlet St SW, $248,900.

Elias Juan from Acemark Properties LLC, 1476 Kracker St NW, $92,500.

Erie Street Investments from Hull Mandy Lynn, 4516 Navarre Rd SW Lot 49, $5,700.

Erie Street Investments LLC from Gates Daniel, 4516 Navarre Rd SW #11, $2,000.

Kenney Logan W & Mayle Madelyn J from D M North Shore Rentals, 1737 Ambrose Ave NW, $135,000.

Knauf Dylan Gabrielle from Beachy Cameron M & Grace S, 226 Saratoga Ave NW, $155,000.

Newhouse Dave from Smith Daryl R & Nancy L, 6280 Bosford St SW, $170,000.

Sugar Creek Township

Coblentz Eric O from Snyder Kenneth R, 420 2nd Ave SW, $161,000.

Collins Jackson James & Ashley E from Webb Carrie L Trustee of the Levi S Mill, 13615 Elton St SW, $190,000.

Keim Travis Lee from Miller Kobe A & Brittany A, 805 West CT, $237,500.

Moder Brandon M from Gamba Gonzalo H & Cira D Co Ttees, 116 2nd Ave SW, $25,000.

Moder Brandon M from Gamba Gonzalo H Ttee, 116 2nd Ave SW, $15,000.

Shepherd Gary & Johnna from Weber III Joseph A & Jean M, 10869 Johnsford Rd SW, $40,000.

Tuscarawas Township

Glick Josiah W & Danae R from Glenda Haven LLC, 2485 Parkbrook Ave NW, $90,000.

Hinkle Properties LLC from Sharrard William K Jr & Tiffany, 1180 Deerfield Ave NW, $68,700.

Kelly Tiffany Jo from A J L Realty LLC, 913 Vindell Ave NW, $140,000.

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