Real estate transfers Oct. 16-22

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Bethlehem Township

Allen Mikaela v from Myers Russell G, 6869 Shepler Church Rd SW, $268,400.

Hardwick Michael & Kathie from Bargerhuff Patty, parcel 1100171 Crocodile CV, $3,800.

Smith Karen S from Mincks James R & Sue A, parcel 1100322 Safari Trl, $5,000.

Spillman Eric T & Nancy J from Charton Tyler, parcel 1000571 Blough Ave SW, $350,000.

Canal Fulton

Classic Custom Homes and Remodeling LLC from Schalmo Properties Inc, 2294 Summer Evening Dr, $40,853.

DNTC Properties LLC from NVR Inc D/B/A Ryan Homes, 3004 Bonita Cir SE, $279,000.

Fenn Mickey H and Laura E from Schalmo Properties Inc, parcel 10014606 Bonita Cir SE, $31,475.

O’hara John C from Batten David & Anna, 911 Redwing Dr, $139,000.

Jackson Township

Amendola Barbara A from Bell Daniel M, 4703 Hills and Dales Rd NW, $99,000.

Ammond Jennifer A & TJ from Shengle Mark A, 7770 Stuhldreher St NW, $175,000.

Arnold Lori from Mckeller Linda S, 3613 Barrington PL NW, $162,000.

Brown Jeffrey & Brittany from Stutzman Daniel, 7025 Waltham St NW, $299,900.

Company Andrea from Procario Gary J, parcel 1602902 Fleetwood Ave NW, $26,250.

Hoang Viet Thai & Tran Le Hang from Nagapradeep Nagajothi, 6703 Palmer Dr NW, $257,500.

Hoff Denzil W & Allison J Bragdon from Abel Randall J & Braucher Emily A, 8451 Fulton Dr NW, $309,000.

Hunter Tabatha Marie from Ginella Andy A Trustee, 8740 Milmont St NW, $150,000.

Long Bradley I & Marissa A from Blakney Matthew A & Megan M, 5285 Sawyer St NW, $224,900.

Postlethwait Sandra from Sherrod Tomoko, 9554 Strausser St NW, $230,500.

Reserve at Jackson Meadows LLC & from Yingling Ronald A Trustee & Wayne P, parcel 1602286 Stuhldreher St NW, $287,500.

Reserve at Jackson Meadows LLC from Reserve at Jackson Meadows LLC &, parcel 1602286 Stuhldreher St NW, $287,500.

Reserve at Jackson Meadows LLC from Yingling Ronald A Trustee, parcel 1620887 Stuhldreher St NW, $5,400.

Reusser Gertrude C from Whipple Glen A, 4672 Preserve Dr NW, $186,000.

RTL Real Estate Holdings LLC from Daut Tina, 1234 Leecrest St NW, $107,000.

Rubino Anthony J & Olivia R from Johnson Lori A & Johnson Raymond J, 3675 Barrington PL NW, $150,000.

Shankarappa Prasanna Kumar from Cassidy James P & Joan M, 6750 Shiloh St NW, $313,125.

Shirer Michael L & Marjorie Bagaipo from Wade Timothy W & Diana L Trustees, 7037 Emerald Bay Ave NW, $383,000.

Showalter Roy David & Darlene Lou from Greegor Anna M, 3625 Barrington PL NW, $145,000.

Swain Alison from Maxsam Investments LLC, 3313 Jackson Park Dr 10A, $242,993.

Syed Younus Saleen & Sheba Ziaulla from Maxsam Investments LLC, 3311 Jackson Park Dr 10B, $255,650.

Szink Katherine & Timothy Paul from Miller Scott A TRUSTEE/PATRICIA M Gyalog, 7071 Bentley CT NW, $231,000.

Taylor Daniel D & Christine L from Jones Sandra L, 310 Stuart St NW, $120,000.

Terry Thomas Francis III & Yvonne from Brunner David J & Cynthia A, 8399 Old Forest St NW, $329,900.

Willowdale Country Club Palsa Brandon from Willowdale Country Club Shamp Danielle, 158 Oak Dr NW, $104,000.

Zawada Ryan J from Reusser Gertrude C, 4500 Edwin Dr NW, $225,000.

Lawrence Township

Fenn Mickey H and Laura E from Fenn Mickey H and Laura E, 6301 Chiltern Rd NW, $31,475.

Jackson Brody B & Melanie E from Loerch Sarah J, 11397 Tritts St NW, $240,000.

Mcgee Steven from Larson Timothy A & Cynthia L COTTEES/LAR, 6501 Deveron Cir NW, $165,000.

Moag Albert E & Rhonda from Hostetler Andrew A, 11886 Mill Race St NW, $265,000.


Bergener Michael & Jackie from Williams Joyce A, 157 23rd St NW, $126,001.

Buch Tammra from Lamonia Joseph, 1700 Manchester Ave NW Lot #08, $1,000.

Bulgrin Donald from Bodiford Donna M, 1006 13th St SE, $14,500.

Bulgrin Donald from Bodiford Donna M, 805 11th St SE, $7,000.

Bulgrin Donald from Jones Edna B, 1255 16th St SE, $18,500.

Carter Wayne & Breanna from Konopa Jack Stanley, 1545 1st St NE, $169,900.

Davis Melissa & Thomas from Allebach Allen D & Carol A, 2002 Tremont Ave SW, $122,000.

Fath William & Barb from Murray Nancy L, 2182 University Commons Dr SE, $216,000.

Johnson Tiffany & Eric from Edwards Robert E & Denette Y, parcel 700782 Cyprus Dr SE, $39,800.

May Richard from Plastow Richard A & Kara J, 856 Cornell St NE, $113,000.

MD Enterprises of Apple Creek Inc from Tocor Investments Ltd, 108 Woodland Ave SE, $212,000.

MD Enterprises of Apple Creek Inc from Tocor Investments Ltd, 510 4th St SW, $212,000.

MD Enterprises of Apple Creek Inc from Tocor Investments Ltd, 514 4th St SW, $212,000.

MD Enterprises of Apple Creek Inc from Tocor Investments Ltd, 812 Green Ave SW, $212,000.

Nichols Dennis W & Marilyn S from Dubert Marie R, 3015 Sunnybrook St NW, $225,000.

Nichols Dennis W & Marilyn S from Dubert Marie R, parcel 618357 Sunnybrook Ave NW, $225,000.

Privette Richard Ernest & Valerie from Dixon Denise E TSTEE/DENISE E Dixon Rev, 1531 Merino Cir NE, $315,000.

Reese Kyrstin from Denbow Deanna K, 735 9th St SW, $121,500.

Riley Craig from Fichter Thomas R, 33 State Ave NE, $60,000.

Scioto Properties SP-16 LLC from Knetzer Properties LLC, 1608 Forest Ave SE, $800,000.

Wimsatt Keith from Young Benjamin, 1258 Burd Ave NE, $330,000.

Perry Township

Block 55 LLC from Ho Jo Holdings LLC, 1501 Perry Dr SW, $396,200.

Carter Wayne & Breanna from Konopa Jack Stanley, parcel 4600014 1st St NE, $169,900.

Depasquale Christopher M & Toni M from Bausher Chris B & Riddle Brooke C, 4632 5th St NW, $170,000.

Elberty Jeffrey M & Jessica from Epps Kariuki X, 5945 Longbrook St SW, $189,000.

Flinner Derek from Newport Danny H, 4440 Emma PL NW, $160,000.

Greiner Baylee L from Integrity’s Legacy Holding Makirra LLC, 182 Victoria Ave NW, $175,000.

Irwin Howard Ralph & Susan from Mertz Paul E, 1437 Brooklyn Ave SW, $180,000.

Kirkbride Blake T & Bridgette from Sima Wesley N, 1239 Delverne Ave SW, $155,000.

Loucks Michael A & Kristen Lynn & from NVR Inc. A Virginia Corp. DBA Ryan Homes, 6079 Longview St SW, $349,195.

Piciacchio Joel A from S.J. Real Estate Holdings LLC, 1138 Singing Brook Ave NW, $255,000.

Ruiz Oswaldo from Paxos Elias M, 4181 Eldridge Ave SW, $125,000.

Smith James Raymond & Sharon Ann from Williams Custom Homes LLC, 6031 Wentworth Rd SW, $269,900.

Stull Vaughn William & Cable Caitlin L from Glover Glen E III, 4868 Glenhurst St SW, $158,000.

Teixeira Andre & Danielle & Adelaide from NVR Inc. A Virginia Corp. DBA Ryan Homes, 6082 Lavenham Rd SW, $284,190.

Williams Custom Homes LLC from Perry Hills Associates, 6031 Wentworth Rd SW, $22,500.

Wolfe Bryce D & Michelle R from Benedict Shirley A, 6211 Dodge Rd SW, $104,500.

Zeus Equities LLC from Atlantic Real Estate Properties LLC, 228 Bernower Ave SW, $118,000.

Sugarcreek Township

Cozy Acres LLC from T & K Properties LLC, 950 Main St W, $118,000.

Crilow Jeffrey S & Lisa M from Mast Paul J & Luella E, 503 Maple St W, $117,500.

JB Yoder Enterprises LLC from White Charles C R, 324 6th Ave NW, $13,000.

Murphy Jasmin from Murphy Steve C, 123 Glick St NW, $150,000.

Tuscarawas Township

Barron Gretta from Jacobs Jerry L & Vicky L, 1317 Bison St NW, $60,500.

Brown Stephen M from Brown-Siegenthaler Cory A, 1685 Alabama Ave SW, $110,000.

Feichter Grant Edward from Heimann David E Trustee of the David E H, 2333 Upland Ave SW, $159,900.

Helmick Sandra from R & G Leasing LLC, 1165 Bison St NW, $175,000.

Hildreth Corey from Halco Michael & Julia L Trusteestrustees, parcel 7204110 Pigeon Run Ave SW, $12,400.

Wade Sara from Wolford Mandy J, 1205 Bison St NW, $130,000.

Willow Switch Properties Ltd from Gill Johnny R & Brenda L, 14099 Lincoln St, $53,000.

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