Real estate transfers: Two dealership properties, Canton brewery sold

The speakeasy at the Canton Brewing Co. in downtown Canton.
The speakeasy at the Canton Brewing Co. in downtown Canton.

Two car dealership properties in Jackson Township and a downtown Canton brewery have been sold, according to the latest real estate transfers filed with the Stark County Auditor's Office.

FSRE North Canton, which lists an Atlanta, Georgia, address on county records, purchased the Toyota of North Canton property at 6527 Whipple Ave. NW and another parcel along the road for $9,365,000 and the BMW of North Canton property at 6461 Whipple Ave. NW for $5,275,000 from DBC Property Investment of Jackson Township.

Meanwhile, the Canton Brewing Co. property at 227 Market Ave. N has been sold to CBC Property Company LLC of Middleburg Heights from Appalachian Basin Capital LLC for $710,000. CBC Property is owned by The Brew Kettle, a craft brewery that operates numerous locations throughout Northeast Ohio and is also opening a brewery at the Hall of Fame Village in Canton.

The real estate transfers cover April 29 through May 5:


Dennis Chris & Meyers Nick from Johnson Patricia L, 426 Linwood Dr, $75,800.

Kinney Matthew from Mccracken Rose M, 153 W Market St, $2,000.

Mullins Donald R & Cathy J Trustees from Singh Ashok & Kusum, 880 Kintz Woods Dr, $725,000.

Sox Ryan A from Kaurich Michael J, 1136 Parkside Ave, $123,000.

Vasu Gheorghe from Johnson Patricia L, 835 Lilly Rd, $69,100.

Your Forever Home LLC from Risden Terry, 1444 S Freedom Ave, $54,000.

Bethlehem Township

Dicenzi Jaleel from Jones Elmer C, parcel 1100922 Uganda Pkwy, $3,500.

Seese Constance from Fearon Betty L, 179 D St Nav Vil, $52,900.

Springwood Lake Camp Club Property from Springwood Lake Camp Club, parcel 1100406 Zebra Strip Ave SW, $3,500.

Straubhaar Paula F & Albert L from Broad Tammy, 2 B St Nav Vil, $70,000.

Canal Fulton

Carlin Paige N & Mansour Mohammet M from Barkheimer Realty Ltd, 812 Tamwood Dr, $245,000.

Greek James W & Judith A from Schalmo Properties Inc, 752 Colonial Ave, $190,000.

Greek James W & Judith A from Schalmo Properties Inc, parcel 9502161 Reed St, $190,000.

KMDN Properties LLC from Cole Deborah A, 520 Longview Ave, $90,000.

Miracle Tyler Nicholas from Hoeft Geoffrey A, 412 Market St E, $132,500.


B List Properties LLC from Adcp LP, 2703 Abbott PL NW, $252,000.

B List Properties LLC from Adcp LP, 636 Smith Ave SW, $252,000.

B List Properties LLC from Adcp LP, 729 Maryland Ave SW, $252,000.

Bailey Timmy R & Theresa Ann from Alerman Rebmerto U, 814 Benskin Ave SW, $150,000.

Biggs Stephen & Mccallister Shelby from Dupler Jeffrey Allen, 605 19th St NW, $135,000.

Brown Brandy N from Gateway Cherry LLC, 1561 Gateway BLVD SE, $80,000.

Bruce M Schorsten Real Estate from Rjan Ventures LLC, 1528 Yale Ave NW, $112,000.

Canton Real Estate LLC from Soult Danny R & Westrich Vicki L, 1712 Bellflower Ave SW, $60,000.

CBC Property Company LLC from Appalachian Basin Capital LLC, 227 Market Ave N, $710,000.

Hoagland Christine & Anthony Joe from Bond Kirk M & Melinda R, 401 Montrose Ave NW, $147,000.

Iraheta Jiovany from Raper Christopher C, 1800 Navarre Rd SW, $75,000.

Karcher Gina from Davco Systems Inc, 2930 Kirby Ave NE, $99,500.

Mcknight Amber & Caraveo Christian from Leecrest Holdings LLC, 1535 Shorb Ave NW, $102,000.

Moser Bobbi-Jo & Collings David from Equity Trust Company Custodian FBO Z0438, 1139 Shadyside Ave SW, $80,000.

Neo Home Buyers Inc from Gogar Alan E, 1901 Root Ave NE, $17,000.

Quiggle Brandon G from Armstead Joseph A, 1724 Vassar Ave NW, $100,261.

SC&J Properties LLC from BSMK LLC, 1822 Frederick Ave SW, $48,500.

Straughter Ronald Jr from Barnes Janice, 1535 Ames CT NW, $24,800.

Velichka Michaela from Global Real Estate Solutions LLC, 1257 Grandview Ave SW, $150,000.

Canton Township

Christman Leland Anthony from Heid Cathy D, 1630 Mill St SW, $90,000.

Hill Joseph & Marcus J from Alzig Isam Trustee, 1130 Lakeview Ave NW, $118,400.

Hughes Van J II from Oliver Brian, parcel 1314950 13th St, $7,600.

J-Well Service Inc from Everflow Eastern Inc, parcel 1305306 Baum St SE, $6,300.

Kireta Kristin & Curtis Jonathan from Robbins Tina L, 821 Lakeview Ave NW, $155,000.

Wilcox Justin & Katelyn from Foringer Keith A & Bobbi S, 1115 Carnwise St SW, $223,000.

Jackson Township

Belden John C Trustee from Deville Hills & Dales LLC, 5938 Hawks Nest Cir NW Condo 11A, $479,200.

Brown Kriste from Schneider Philip A, 7443 Rolling Green Ave NW, $494,000.

Campos Shane & Schoolcraft Campos from Jacobsen Toni L, 4075 Bramshaw Rd NW, $425,000.

Deroy Brent J Trustee from Mcginnis Denise E & Knauss Marsha L, 6956 Knight St NW, $225,000.

Fsre North Canton B LLC from DBC Property Investment GRP LLC, 6461 Whipple Ave NW, $5,275,000.

Fsre North Canton T LLC from DBC Property Investment BRP LLC, parcel 1616999 Whipple Ave NW, $9,365,000.

Fsre North Canton T LLC from DBC Property Investment GRP LLC, 6527 Whipple Ave NW, $9,365,000.

Gilreath Stanley R & Victoria M from Kendig Scott D & Leda, 2643 Brentwood Rd NW, $372,900.

Griffing William D & Patricia A from Mason Robert L & Kimberly A, 6435 Dunwoody Cir NW, $411,000.

Mack Alexander C from Carr Krista R, 4689 Crystal Lake Ave NW, $87,600.

Morrett Benjamin & Nicole from Taylor Brian A & Megan M, 6786 Thornwood St NW, $421,000.

Nichols Theresa M from Mcquaid Marie E, 4703 Hills and Dales Rd NW Condo 207, $121,000.

Patterson Grace M from Edward Jones Trust Company as Succ, 4500 Parkdale Ave NW, $198,000.

Pledgure Devonne L from Zhang Hui Zhen, 2704 Blue Ash Ave NW, $344,500.

Roblero Kayle & Roblero Lopez Omar from Equity Trust Company Custodian FBO Z0342, 4459 Fulton Dr NW, $225,000.

Sandvig Mark C & Claire J from Karam Eric E, 5055 Bundoran St NW, $223,250.

Seal Nathan M & Nicole M from Green Steven, 9976 Forty Corners Rd NW, $157,000.

Seal Nathan M & Nicole M from Green Steven, parcel 1601420 Forty Corners St NW, $157,000.

Van Eeden Carl-Johann & Renette from Bartley LLC, 5704 Saginaw Cir NW, $220,000.

Lake Township

Dengler Gary A & Kelly L Ttees from Wagler Enterprises LLC, 12492 Briarstone Cir NW, $80,000.

Equity Trust Co Custodian FBO from Woodruff Nathan D & Chelsea M, 2756 Rita St NE, $276,000.

Hair Douglas C from Mcghee Matthew G & Kedra Sherry E, 3612 Heckman St NW, $45,000.

Hawk Kristy & Derek from Volz Brian E, 3724 Falcon Chase St NW, $395,000.

Hbi Alternative Holdings LLC from Binns David L & Marlene T, 3969 Northdale St NW, $138,800.

Kennedy Melinda K & Daniel from Berletich Angela S Trustee of the Burlet, 11068 Jan Cir NW, $268,000.

Lukens Madison L from Van Almen Robert J & Geiselman Abigail E, 772 Northampton St NE, $662,000.

Miller William M & Leigh A from Starcher Larry & Connie, parcel 1902971 Jan Cir NW, $45,000.

Nelson Desirae & Trevor Alexander Aka from Brost Johnny R & Madison S, 3434 State St NW, $180,000.

Nemitz Michael & Melissa from NVR Inc., A Virginia Corporation, DBA, 2309 Monaco St NW, $388,695.

NVR Inc A Virginia Corporation DBA Ryan from A List Land Development LLC, 2246 Monaco St NW, $78,000.

Paxton Chad & Fetty Tonia from Davidson Damara Lynn, 11651 Lela Ave NW, $225,000.

Pearson Ian & Katlyn from Pearson Jane E, 11205 Merrimack Ave NE, $265,000.

Pettitt James E & Diane M from the Lake Woodland Properties LLC, 563 Woodlands Glen Ave, $80,000.

Potokar David & Copley Amber R from Le Cong, 12559 Williamsburg Ave NW, $299,000.

RG Riley LLC from Riley Matthew & Holcomb Haley, 9206 Highland Creek Ave NW, $228,000.

Shalala Samuel James & Neri Araceli from Mcdanield Gloria F, 13874 Amodio Ave NW, $220,000.

Spickard Gregory & Jennifer from Jarvis Gerald D, 12760 Jamestown Ave NW, $200,000.

Taylor Conner E from Beiler Enterprises Ltd, 844 Pontius St NW, $150,000.

Taylor Dennis Jr & Kelli A from Beiler Enterprises Ltd, 840 Pontius St NW, $100,000.

Taylor Jr Dennis & Kelli A from Beiler Paul W Ttee, 838 Pontius St NW, $500,000.

Taylor Jr Dennis & Kelli A from Beiler Paul W Ttee, parcel 2204399 Pontius St NW, $50,000.

Vahey Brian P from Rostislav Lyokiy, 13470 Sara Ave NW, $260,400.

Whitacre Mickey Edan & Diane Lynn from Erb Gregory C & Marie E, 3054 Hampton St NW, $300,000.

Lawrence Township

Oser Timothy from Lazy L Meats LLC, 4291 Manchester Ave NW, $295,000.

Stuart Justin , & Morgan L from Leib Connie L, 6600 Ivyhill Dr NW, $145,000.

Lexington Township

Evans Brandon M & Heidi J from Hughes Hannah R, 12338 Union Ave NE, $210,000.

Marsili Eric from Dalesandro David L, 14610 Gaskill Dr NE, $51,400.

Spencer Tyler W from Chapman Paul H Jr Et Al, parcel 2802890 Ridgefield Ave NE, $50,000.


Penn James K from Fisher Madison K & Skelley Taylor E, parcel 3605791 Sturbridge Dr, $529,000.

Walton Brian P & Petitti-Walton Cynthia from Ventresca Michael D & Laura L, 312 Taff Cir, $212,000.


Ahmed Maryam & Irfan Rana Muhammad from Hamilton Robert IV & Darrylynn L, 867 Starr Ridge St SE, $292,000.

Cortez Renee L from Map Services Neo LLC, 2247 Tremont Ave SW, $189,900.

CRE8TIVE Investments LLC from Messmore Charles E & Nancy R, parcel 603617 Massachusetts Ave SE, $4,070.

Dickey Jo A & David Allen from the Huntington National Bank, 1432 Pebble Chase Cir NE, $229,900.

Equity Trust Company Custodian FBO from Dziadkowicz Stephen & Samantha, 502 3rd St SE, $25,000.

Fuhrer Joshua from Bailey Alexander R, 1713 Millrace St NW, $259,000.

Haag Joanna & Robert from Jacobs Bradley C & Linda J, 23 Curley CT SE, $35,000.

Kartler Michael J from Messmore Charles E, 1823 Massachusetts Ave SE, $66,000.

Lega Christopher Allen from Blood Richard E, 1857 Vermont Ave SE, $121,200.

Little Derf W & Jessica L from Ashford Properties LLC, 733 Taylor St SW, $59,800.

Little Derf W & Jessica L from Ashford Properties LLC, parcel 606785 Taylor Ave SW, $59,800.

Miku Homes LLC from Gruca Joseph v Jr, 810 Bernard Ave SW, $112,000.

Parker James from Equity & Help Inc Ttee, 881 Sondra CT SE, $27,500.

Peel Thomas A from Crossen Anthony J, 700 Taggart Ave NE, $140,000.

Schulz Jordan from SMB Investments LLC an Ohio Limited Liab, 642 Andrew Ave NE, $115,500.

Snyder Charles & Traci from Owens Mark E & Engle-Owens Dawn L, 1741 Wales Rd NE, $289,900.

Sommerville Raymond from King Joshua, 510 25th St NW, $130,000.

Tabellion Nick E from Tabellion Annette R, 523 25th St SE, $65,000.

Wood Trace M from Wood Deborah A & Douglas R, 503 Virginia St SE, $160,000.

Nimishillen Township

Clinez Enterprises LLC from Fletcher David R & Tamara J, 3723 Ravenna Ave NE, $150,000.

North Canton

Custom Comfort Systmes LLC from Metropolitan Land Co, 207 Schneider St SE, $450,000.

Dishong David from Miller David N & Carol Fay Trustees of T, 509 6th St NW, $180,000.

Milano Dawn M from Lemmonade Homes & Construction Inc, 1105 Hillcrest Ave SW, $480,000.

Soni Dharmesh & Kamini from Ziccardi Paula Trustee, 111 N Circle Dr, $225,000.

Osnaburg Township

Eberling Mark from Novelli Valerie L & Martin Denise M, parcel 4000210 Noble St W, $14,000.

King Nathan Lee from Rohrig Matthew P, 7493 Cindell St SE, $150,000.

Rinehart Tiffany Lynn from Warnock Janet M, 112 Liberty St W, $82,000.

Yoder Mervin A from Helms Jason & Conrad Helms Michelle, 6636 Westfall St SE, $213,400.

Paris Township

Coldsnow Lucas & Nicole from Cedar Rental Homes LLC, 301 N Main St, $59,000.

Mcniel Breanna M & Patton Jessica L from Carter Laiton M, 932 E Lincoln Way, $166,000.

Perry Township

Aore Capital Investments LLC from Tisdale Angela K, 4945 Piccadilly Ave SW, $67,200.

Coffman Aaron Joseph & Olivia Jean from Rogers Michael L & Rogers Janet, 4735 7th St SW, $158,000.

Correll Lori from Burrier Tyler L & Kelli E, 500 Bernower Ave SW, $115,500.

Crescenze Michael & Scott Raymond from Nicholas Jerry D II, 1625 Jackson Ave NW, $198,700.

Lewers Emma M & Whipkey Chad E from Summers Jeffrey Floyd, 5521 Navarre Rd SW, $175,000.

Mara Holdings LLC from Nicholas Jerry D II, 1217 Suffield Cir NW, $200,000.

Nicholas Jerry D II from Monigold Michele Ttee, 1217 Suffield Cir NW, $170,000.

Nicholas Jerry D II from Monigold Michele Ttee, 1625 Jackson Ave NW, $170,000.

Overcasher Edward Arthur from Lakeview Loan Servicing LLC, 172 Anna Ave NW, $104,500.

Saini Hasandeep & Ford Julia from Beatty Scott Alan & Amy Noelle, 722 Western Ave SW, $130,000.

Snyder Logan from Tessanne Bryan M, 332 Oneida Ave NW, $185,000.

Straight Cruz M from Murph Russell T, 208 Stewart Ave NW, $135,000.

Xeloures Nikki A & Christopher R from Ramm Restorations LLC, 1006 Netherwood Ave NW, $235,000.

Zwick Connor M from Mehringer Stanley J & Sherry N Trustees, 172 Rowmont Ave SW, $169,500.

Pike Township

Bryar Hannah from Harris Etta L, 2704 Barn Dr SW, $1,000.

Plain Township

Benchmark Properties of Ohio Ltd from Global Real Estate Solutions LLC, 1017 37th St NE, $111,000.

Billman Monica from Richmond Park Ohio Homes LLC, 4119 28th St NE, $1,000.

Bond Angela from Billman Monica, 4119 28th St NE, $1,000.

Boshears Andrew & Wendy from Sigler Ben, 2418 Harmon St NE, $129,900.

Fearon Michael J & Norma J Ttees from Tushar Charles S & Lisa A, 3704 Parkhill Cir NW, $475,000.

Fessler Michael from Dennis Les W, 2241 38th St NW, $104,900.

Heban Dennis Joseph & Gray Lisa Danielle from Heban Dennis J & John E Jr & Valerie A, 7537 Panther Ave NE, $200,000.

Julian Troy & Diane from Changet Nick III & Stucky Sandra M, 4826 Lindford Ave NE, $138,600.

Lee Elizabeth Ann from Davison Steven E, 3725 Kaiser Ave NE, $180,000.

Moss Andrew R & Karan A from Baughman Harold R & Larry A Baughman Co, 8033 Burkey Rd NW, $216,150.

NVR Inc A Virginia Corporation from Mckinley Edgewood Development Company LLC, 6705 Harrington Court Ave NE, $72,000.

Owens Mark & Engle-Owens Dawn from King William & Leach Jessica, 1200 Briarview Ave NW, $330,000.

Redman Douglas L II & Natashia L from Kruger Virginia & Campbelle Daniel P, 3475 Dauphin Dr NE, $265,000.

Rummel John F from Guy David M & Sheila L, 3811 Root Ave NE, $103,500.

Starr Chris & Christine D from M A Lemmo Homes Inc, 890 Honeysuckle Cir NE, $592,000.

Zwick Kelly Jean from Platypus Pavilion LLC, 2442 44th St NW, $93,750.

Sugarcreek Township

SJR Apartments LLC from Zearley Donald R Trustee, 125 Elm St NE, $750,000.

SJR Apartments LLC from Zearley Donald R Trustee, 135 Elm St NE, $750,000.

SJR Apartments LLC from Zearley Donald R Trustee, 145 Elm St NE, $750,000.

SJR Apartments LLC from Zearley Donald R Trustee, 155 Elm St NE, $750,000.

SJR Apartments LLC from Zearley Donald R Trustee, 165 Elm St NE, $750,000.

Trubey Kathryn F & Debos Erman E from Rusu Jessica, 8021 Manchester Ave SW #16, $19,900.

Tuscarawas Township

Augustynovich Ashley from Tabellion Colin M, 2445 Pigeon Run Rd SW, $152,000.

Augustynovich Ashley from Tabellion Colin M, parcel 7205623 Pigeon Run Ave SW, $152,000.

Bowling Hilary & Jason C from Slabaugh Chester A, 12421 Sinclair St SW, $523,000.

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