Real estate transfers: Two Stark properties sell for more than $1 million

Two Stark County properties recently sold for more than $1 million, according to the latest real estate transfers available from the Stark County Auditor's Office.

The transfers cover Dec. 31 to Jan. 6.

The Circle K convenience store and gas station at 3920 Tuscarawas St. W in Canton was transferred to SRG515 LLC from 5 19 47th Associates Inc. for $3,398,000. SRG515 listed its address as Miami.

Meanwhile, LLL Investments IV LLC acquired 9239 Akcan Circle NW in Lake Township from Maury Wilson LLC for $1,970,000. The property is home to William-Allen Co., which was recently purchased by Polymer Packaging.


Kennedy Matthew Dean from Seidel Matthew D, 2918 Blenheim Ave, $175,000.

Lewis Dale Chris & Ann from Smith Karen M, 144 South St, $60,000.

Neiswanger Dexter & Angela from Boschini Daniel L &Barbara J, 2112 S Linden Ave, $122,000.

PRHC Properties LLC from Cardinal Vickie C, 505 E Market St, $40,000.

Ross John D & Joann K from Oakes Michael T & Sarah J, 424 E College St, $120,000.

Bethlehem Township

Irwin Kaylie Marie from Sullivan Linda M Trustee of the Janine L, 503 Basin St NW, $172,000.

Canal Fulton

Coyne Shawn Ttee from Hanson T Kathleen, 548 S Canal St, $197,000.

Hursh Vicki L from Nebergall Kristy, 332 Alissa LN, $295,000.


Aronhalt Zachary from Merlin Properties of Stark County Ltd, 2621 Rosewood PL NW, $99,900.

Bales Lynda from Conover David Arthur & Kimberlee Lynn, 1123 Rockwood Ave SW, $137,500.

Bell Timothy from Austin Carolyn, 706 Mckinley Ave SW, $7,000.

Bell Timothy from Longshore Carolyn, 709 Dewalt Ave SW, $7,000.

Canton for All People Acquisition & from Cosgrave Rosalene, 925 9th St NW, $22,983.

Fisher Amber from Birchler Rachel, 701 Linwood Ave SW, $92,000.

Foxy Few LLC from Heartbeats to the City Inc, 1515 Shorb Ave NW, $80,000.

Foxy Few LLC from Heartbeats to the City Inc, parcel 203579 Auburn PL NW, $80,000.

Foxy Few LLC from Heartbeats to the City Inc, parcel 244884 15th St NW, $80,000.

Foxy Few LLC from Heartbeats to the City Inc, parcel 284537 Auburn Ave NW, $80,000.

Gardner Micah D from Wiseman Lauren M & Gardner Micah D, 1630 Miami CT NE, $17,500.

Hernandez Gomez Cipriano from Equity Trust Company Custodian FBO, 1116 Hoover PL NW, $17,000.

Hibbard Joshua & Michelle from Hibbard Joshua & Michelle, 1019 24th St NE, $269,000.

Hider Joseph from XP-3 Properties LLC, 1818 36th St NW, $130,000.

Jackson Margo Matrel from Moore Remel K, 926 11th St NW, $159,900.

Kanam John M from Pireu George D & Claudia A, 2704 12th St NW, $30,000.

SRG515 LLC from 5 19 47th Associates Inc, 3920 Tuscarawas St W, $3,398,000.

Stokes Derek J & Bishop Valerie Sue from Isue Henry A, 629 Cherry Ave NE, $20,000.

Strausbaugh Nicholas from Aubihl David W & Strong Mariah A, 1217 Broad Ave NW, $110,000.

Top Realty Enterprise LLC from the Huntington National Bank, 2322 23rd St NE, $37,500.

Williams Zeola L M from Equity Trust Company Custodian FBO Z0342, 2321 Baldwin Ave NE, $46,100.

Canton Township

Bracken Dean J from Gesguiere-Dotson Kathryn J Trustee, 810 Churchmont St SE, $88,000.

Leeders Terry D & Karen S & Derek M from Welker Zachary & Jenna M, 202 Ironwood St SW, $195,000.

Wells Fargo Bank Na Trustee from Williams Russell A, 131 50th St SE, $36,000.

Jackson Township

Bryan Brandon C from Rosa Lester & Sheila K, 7790 Stuhldreher St NW, $200,000.

Ison Rodney K & Tamara L & Urschitz from Evans Terry J, 9822 Hocking St NW, $239,900.

Leach Andrew R & Bittner Suzanne N E from Johnson Gregory A & Kathleen R, 8630 Parsons Court Cir NW, $550,000.

Neff Della & Aaron & Roshong Ellen G from Residential Solutions Inc, 4804 Drumcliff Dr NW, $265,000.

Swisher Benjamin R & Rita M from Swisher Benjamin R & Rita M &, 8496 Arlington Ave NW, $356,400.

Lake Township

LLL Investments IV LLC from Maury Wilson LLC, 9239 Akcan Cir NW, $1,970,000.

NVR Inc A Virginia Corporation from A List Land Development LLC, 2175 Monaco St NW, $78,000.

Robertson Brian W & Nancy J & from Zolin Michael L, 2152 Lake Center St NW, $470,000.

Scheks Andreas & Kendra Lynn from Wagler Phil & Diane, parcel 2204466 Shawnee St NW, $27,000.

Slabaugh Beth from Kanagy Mattie Ttee/ Mattie Kanagy Revoca, 226 Belle Ave SW, $85,500.

Smuk Romko from the Lake Woodland Properties LLC, 731 Grandview Cir, $85,000.

Wittmer Hunter Allen & Brandi from Wittmer Zachary, 12053 Shoshone Ave NW, $248,150.

Zitney Michael & Heighway Emily S from Fleming James M & Cynthia J, 10611 Mogadore Ave NW, $275,000.

Lawrence Township

Harhager Edward J & Angela N from Horst Barry L & Marilyn L, parcel 2411385 Deerfield Ave NW, $80,000.

Lexington Township

Capretta John A III from Dean Rebecca J, 10815 Heltman Ave NE, $200,000.

Dent William Dennis from Dent William Dennis &, parcel 2803235 Lair Rd NE, $80,000.

Newman Monique Marie from Hykes Celeste E, 160 N Atwater Ave, $188,500.

Newman Monique Marie from Hykes Celeste E, parcel 3000190 Atwater Ave NE, $188,500.


Cunningham Marilyn H Succ Ttee of the from Leuenberger Scott A, 1423 Edith St, $205,000.

Marlboro Township

Feller Enterprises of Ohio LLC from Zellers K W & Son Inc, 5850 Pinedale St NE, $25,000.


Baskin Branden from Oak Manor Quad Plexes LLC, 372 Oak Manor Ave NE, $323,000.

Big D Real Estate LLC from Himes Robert A & Cleo A, 810 Euclid St SW, $68,000.

Burch Nicholas C from Gorman Joshua Anthony, 1831 Woodbine Cir NE, $194,000.

Croston Joshua J from Maloney Gregory M & Lisa M &, 1423 Springhaven Cir NE, $260,000.

Davis Melinda from K S Yoak Enterprises LLC, 1223 Woodland Ave SE, $135,000.

Fries Nathan from Rogers Johnny L, 12 Burton Ave NE, $54,000.

Huntsbery Cynthia from Shadle Birthe K, 2315 Rhode Island Ave SE, $119,000.

Kga Realty Group LLC from Weaver Mark & Ruby, 1518 Pearl PL SE, $30,000.

Legg Blake & Schustrich Emily from Woodliff Thomas P II & Mia, 1034 Irvington Ave NE, $167,500.

Nationwide Investments LLC from Scafate Michael E, 59 Pearl Dr SE, $26,000.

NVR Inc A Virginia Corporation from Lockhart A R Development Co, 3515 Yellow Creek Ave NW, $59,000.

Ojays LLC from Buttermore Karen M, 818 15th St SW, $60,000.

Richards Joyelle Marie from Murgatroyd Larry J & Rebecca L Trustees, 720 16th St NE, $175,000.

Specialized Trust Company Custodian FBO from Renew Home Exteriors LLC, 624 Lincoln Way W, $28,500.

Wagner Christian M from O'brien Judy Ann, 516 Grosvenor Dr NW, $128,000.

Zamary Kylie & Dooley Frances from Angelos James T, 120 Rolling Park Dr N, $12,600.

Nimishillen Township

Herman James D from Herman James D & Hamlin Teresa J, 6392 Meese Rd NE, $55,000.

North Canton

Community Development Group Ltd from PNC Bank N A Trustee of the Miriam E Wel, 800 Applegrove St NW, $588,500.

Criss John W from Criss Nicole M, 1031 Park Ave NE, $87,500.

Day James M & Casaundra from Mckinley-Applegrove Ltd, parcel 10015395 Royal Oak Ave NE, $185,000.

Fogel Edward G & Terri R from Barber Bradley A & Chelsea, 519 Woodrow St NW, $230,500.

Galliher Mitchell & Edwards Kaylee B from Collective Development Firm LLC, 118 Lindy Lane Ave NW, $190,000.

Sartain Ethan Kimberly & Noah Jr from Heasley Ian Joseph & Sobevski Vesna, 1268 Chandler Ave SW, $280,000.

Osnaburg Township

Casler Danielle & Brown Gerald III from Wyler Paul D Jr & Sandra D, 255 Berger Cir, $193,790.

Ollis Samuel Lee from Key Bank Na, 573 Otter Ave NE, $159,900.

Paris Township

Kirkpatrick Jason from Cress Gary L Sr & Angela M, 310 Wine St, $67,500.

Perry Township

Detter Property Holdings LLC from Krider Mark E, 723 Whipple Ave SW, $127,500.

Everhart Melinda from Revisions Homebuyers LLC, 347 Roxbury Ave NW, $152,000.

Gorgievski Peter & Novica from RR Apartments LLC & Gorgievski Peter & N, 2822 Lincoln Way E, $80,000.

Gorgievski Peter & Novica from RR Apartments LLC & Gorgievski Peter & N, 2830 Lincoln Way E, $80,000.

Gorgievski Peter & Novica from RR Apartments LLC & Gorgievski Peter & N, parcel 4314894 Bailey St NW, $80,000.

Hunter Ryan & Edwards Jessica from Jackson Ellen E & Jackson Samuel S, 628 Jeffrey Ave NW, $250,000.

Mickey Benjamin N & Hunter Lauren E from Copeland Ashley R, 435 Harding Ave NW, $172,000.

Overcasher Edward A from Rey Michael D, 245 Manor Ave NW, $121,700.

Vellucci John & Judy from Moore Kim Marie, 2524 Lombardi Ave SW, $230,000.

Warrington Jenna & Jones Bradley from Wagner Christian M, 2518 Brooklyn Ave SW, $135,000.

Plain Township

Day James M & Casaundra from Mckinley-Applegroveltd, parcel 10015394 Royal Oak Ave NE, $185,000.

Lalli Dominic G from O'dell Taylor, 3546 Zinnia Ave NE, $1,000.

Muhlbach Matt Evan & Lisa from Manos Stacie M, 5217 Oakbriar Cir NE, $235,000.

Riggs Bonnie from Leggett Kimberly & Anthony J Ttees, 1913 Broad Ave NW, $174,900.

Tomic Paul A from Fernandez Manny D Ttee, 2607 Notre Dame St NE, $252,000.

Sandy Township

Welker Zachary & Jenna from Maioriello Gabriel T, 451 Shane Ave, $289,900.

Sugarcreek Township

The David Jones and Jacquelyn Holiday from Weeks Vance Z & Amanda J, 283 1st St E, $186,000.

Tuscarawas Township

Ferrell Brett from Kennard Breanna, 10317 Morton Rd SW, $220,000.

Glick Anthony & Bethanie from Garman Linda, 12900 Lincoln Way W, $15,000.

Washington Township

Rosenberger Terry L from Stark County Commissioners, parcel 7580036 Beechwood Ave NE, $4,200.

This article originally appeared on The Repository: Real estate: Two Stark County properties sell for more than $1 million