The Real Reason Logan Left 'The Bachelorette' Before the Rose Ceremony

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Controversial The Bachelorette contestant Logan Palmer was eliminated from the show in episode 6, but not because Gabby didn't give him a rose!

Logan, 26, made waves on the ABC reality show’s cruise ship as he switched from Rachel Recchia’s team to Gabby Windey’s. But neither woman kicked him to curb. Instead, it was COVID-19 that knocked him out of the competition.

We call that payback for breaking Rachel’s heart on the first two-woman Bachelorette season when they decided to pursue separate groups of men.

While Logan committed to being on Rachel’s team, he shocked her on episode 5 with the news that he had “feelings for Gabby….I’m going to have to step away from pursuing things with you.”

Stunned Rachel moaned to the cameras that, “This whole time he was like, ‘How do I tell Rachel I don’t even want to be here?’”

Gabby, 31, gave Logan a chance on her team but fans didn’t like the move—and Rachel, 26, worried her pal was taking on a suitor who was untrustworthy.

It looked like he might leave on last week’s episode, but Gabby gave him a rose. Logan bragged to the cameras that he’d beaten out other guys who’d spent more time with her.

The Real Reason Logan Palmer Left 'The Bachelorette'

But on Monday’s episode 6, host Jesse Palmer told Gabby he’d been diagnosed with COVID-19.

That meant Logan left the show in a way no one had foreseen!

Medical situations have occurred with the franchise in the past, but nothing as serious as COVID-19.

Season 24 The Bachelor star Peter Weber got a head injury when he ran into a golf cart.

On Becca Kufrin’s The Bachelorette season 14, Clay Harbor broke his wrist and left the show to get surgery. And on Sean Lowe’s 17th The Bachelor season, Tierra LiCausi got hurt when she fell down the mansion stairs.

As for Logan, he has fully recovered from COVID and reflected to after being eliminated, “A lot of people disapprove of how I went about things. Although I wish there were a couple things I could do differently, I followed my heart. I did something that was honest.”

He admitted about ditching Rachel for Gabby, “I ended up hurting some people’s feelings. That’s something that I have to live with and deal with.

“I have nothing but respect and admiration for Rachel and Gabby. How they feel about me is more of a question. I would love to talk to them off camera and get to find out but as for me, I’m happy they had this journey and got to go through this together. It’s incredible the way they’ve handled things and I’m happy for them.”

Logan added, “I went through this process and I didn’t quite fall in love but I felt something [or Gabby] that was real and I felt a connection that went beyond a camera. I was surprised to find out it could work.”

But because of COVID, it didn’t actually didn’t work out and Logan went back to his job as a freelance filmmaker.

“It’s going well,” Logan told “I’m traveling a lot, surfing, and living on the road.”