Real Wheels:

Merri Hanjora, The Lima News, Ohio
·1 min read

Mar. 19—LIMA — The 1960 Chevy Impala had a total overall length of 17 1/2 feet, making it as big or bigger than some fishing boats. It's no wonder it drove and rode so nicely on highways. Bob Church, of Lima, brought his 1960 Chevy Impala Convertible to the Gary Allen Memorial Classic Car Cruz-In to show it off.

"I've owned this one three years now. I currently own a 1960 Chevy Hardtop and wanted a convertible. I still have the hardtop," said Church.

Chevrolet manufactured 512,000 Impalas for the 1960 model year. The '60 Impala outsold Ford's Galaxie that year by approximately 200,000 cars.

The Impala used a mix of old styling and new styling to beat Ford in 1960. Those fins found on the '60 models were carried over from the 1959 model, making the car appear more ornate and flashy. Of course the iconic three taillights can be found on all Chevy Impala's. The production team changed the headlights for 1960. Instead of the quad headlights sitting at the front edge of the hood, Chevy incorporated them into the grille.

There were three engine options for 1960 Impalas: a straight six and two V-8's. Church's beauty contains a 355 Chevy engine with overdrive transmission.

"It drives very well. It just floats along," said Church. "I drive it a lot of places."