Real Wheels: '46 Ford with Chevy Stuff

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Sep. 17—DELPHOS — Bruce Kraft, of Delphos, owns this 1946 Ford Coupe. He brought it to the Westgate Charity Car Show. Kraft put a sign in the window that read, "Ford Tough With Chevy Stuff."

Kraft has owned this car for six years. He purchased it in Spencerville, Indiana.

"It was something I thought I had to have," said Kraft.

He re-did the entire car, thus the sign that reads it contains Chevy stuff.

The engine is a 350 Chevrolet with an automatic transmission. The color is Flame Red.

World War II played havoc with car manufacturers. In 1942 the U.S. government halted production of civilian automobiles. The steel used for cars was needed for the military. After the surrender of Japan in September 1945, car production slowly resumed. The 1946 Ford was similar to the 1942 model, with the exception of a new grille. The hood was also widened with a center strip added. Ford produced 468,022 cars in 1946, placing the company first in the total number of cars produced. Chevrolet was second with 398,028 cars produced.

Ford executives went simple with their advertising of the 1946 Ford Coupe models. They simply said, "There's a Ford in your future," and listed the various models they produced. They beefed up the cars by adding words such as "swift", "sturdy" and "more fun to drive."

In the movie Back to the Future, the character known as Biff owns a 1946 Ford Super De Luxe convertible.

Kraft enjoys driving his car and usually goes to car shows and to the Creamery for ice cream.

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