'A reality check on the math': What's ahead for California and Covid-19

Sam Levin in Los Angeles
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    Losing patience is a sign of facing reality. We aren't going to get rid of COVID-19 with quarantines and social distancing. Its way too contagious. All we can do is slow it down which is fine if we are just buying time so that hospitals can prepare but sooner or later we have to open the country back up.
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    The writer should know better to use the phrase “I absolutely guarantee” when writing an article. There are no guarantees here; not even the experts know what to expect will be happening in the fall. Way too many variables.
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    I'm more than happy to stay home for months if the I have someone or something pay the bills. So if the state wants us to stay home for 5-6 months then they better plan on increasing funding for things like unemployment, food stamps, section 8 housing vouchers, low income utility reimbursements, and general cash relief because I plan on applying and getting as much of those programs as I can get.
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    Getting tight in California. One of the most expense I’ve state to live and the 5 largest economy. We will see what is left of it after this is over.
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    We've been under lockdown for not quite 3 weeks but it already feels like it's been a year... :-(
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    People also need to work and pay for food. These people wanting to keep things closed are employed. Dying from hunger versus dying from coronavirus.. at some point we will have to chose the lesser evil
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    Ken E
    It simply isn't possible to carry on like this for more than three months realistically. At some point, we are going to have to make the decision to quarantine the elderly and the sick and the rest of us are just going to have to go out there and take our chances. We can't "socially distance" the world until a vaccine comes 12, 18, 24 months down the road. There will be no world left to come back to.
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    Do this math 35 million divided by 350 is 1 out of every 100,000.
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    June 1? Ain't happening, better come up with another plan.
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    Be patient ! Losing patience is the sign of losing confidence ! Do everything that we should do, don't give up, don't get discouraged!