There Are Some Really Wild Lane Kiffin Rumors Circulating on the Internet

Tough week to be an Alabama fan.
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Lane Kiffin has endured his fair share of slander on the Internet over the years. Some of it has been deserved, some of it (probably) hasn't. But today might go down as one of his worst days when it comes to getting ripped apart by people on the Web.

Sometime this morning, a bunch of wild rumors about Kiffin started circulating on Twitter. It's unclear where they started or how much truth, if any, there is to any of them. But at the moment, Kiffin is trending on Twitter, and it seems clear that Alabama is going to have to say something about the rumors that are going around.

So what are the rumors about? Well, they run the gamut. There's one about Kiffin getting into a fight with Nick Saban:

There's another about him sleeping with an Alabama booster's wife, despite being a married man:

There's yet another about him sleeping with—whoa—Saban's daughter Kristen:

And there's another about him leaving Bama to become the head coach at Illinois:

If this doesn't illustrate the craziness of college football, what does?

Again, there's NOTHING to indicate that any of these are actually true or that Kiffin is leaving Alabama for any reason. But due in large part to Kiffin's past, people are having a field day with these rumors right now.

Reporters who cover the Alabama program are also looking into the rumors now:

You heard the man: Stay tuned!

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