Realtor unveils the 'worst apartment ever' in 'insane' TikTok

A realtor on TikTok could not resist sharing what he calls the “worst apartment ever [in] NYC”. The TikToker, who goes by New York City Realtor on the app only started his account a few days ago. “People ask me, ‘What is the worst apartment you’ve ever seen?' … I’m going to show you”. “This is what $1,600 gets you in the most desirable neighborhood in New York City,” he said. According to his hashtags, the location appears to be the West Village area of Manhattan. The apartment is tiny and doesn’t feature much beyond a single window overlooking the street. “Zero oven, one mini-fridge, no stove and only one singular closet,” the realtor said. “How is this even allowed,” one user commented. “I would go insane,” another added. The bathroom situation is not made immediately clear, and the realtor teases that he will create a follow-up video to explain where it’s located. “Bathroom is Starbucks three blocks away,” one user joked