Recall alert | Multi-state Salmonella outbreak linked to popular brand of all-purpose flour

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention investigated a Salmonella outbreak in several states, determining the source was Gold Medal flour.

There have been 13 reported illnesses across 12 states, including Oregon, leading to three hospitalizations. However, Salmonella outbreaks are often under-reported because some people recover on their own and don’t get tested.

The CDC used interviews and lab data to narrow down a source of the outbreak.

Only about half of the infected people remembered the brand of flour they used, but they all reported Gold Medal All-Purpose Flour. The Food and Drug Administration then found the Salmonella strain in flour at a General Mills facility.

General Mills issued a voluntary recall on April 28. The following products with “Better if used by” dates marked March 27 and March 28 of 2024.

  • 5 pound bags of Gold Medal Unbleached All-Purpose Flour (UPC 000-16000-19610)

  • 10 pound bags of Gold Medal Unbleached All-Purpose Flour (UPC 000-1600-19580)

  • 2 pound bags of Gold Medal Bleached All-Purpose Flour (UPC 000-16000-10710)

  • 5 pound bags of Gold Medal Bleached All Purpose Flour (UPC 000-16000-10610)

Courtesy: FDA
Courtesy: FDA

If you have a bag of flour that has been recalled, do not use any of the product. Throw it away or return it. If you put the flour in another container, thoroughly wash the container before using it again.

Symptoms of Salmonella

If you or someone you know has severe Salmonella symptoms, call a healthcare provider. These will usually start within six hours and six days of consuming the bacteria. Symptoms can include:

  • Diarrhea, especially if bloody or does not improve after three days

  • Vomiting so much you can’t keep liquids down

  • Signs of dehydration, like dry mouth and throat, dizziness and decrease in urine

  • Fever higher than 102°F