A recent study suggests Boston City Hall was ranked one the ugliest buildings in the world

Boston City Hall has been the home base for running the city for decades. It has been in movies, hosted many dignitaries and famous people from around the world.

But it did not rank very well on a recent architecture report. City Hall came up as the fourth ugliest building in the world.

Boston has a long history of beautiful building with designs reflected in the past and present. But there is one gem that seems to get a lot of name calling.

“It is kind of an eye sore,” said a woman who works inside.

“There is no warmth, it’s cold,” said a woman walking by.

Buildworld put together a list of top eyesore buildings based on how people described them on social media.

Boston City Hall ranked as the second ugliest building in the United States, behind the FBI Building in Washington, D.C. and the fourth ugliest building in the world behind the Scottish Parliament Building.

Dr. Mahesh Daas is president at Boston Architectural College in the Back Bay. He says being the ugliest or most beautiful is far better than not being noticed.

“That means a lot of people are talking about it. It has evoked a strong response from people,” said Daas. “When you go to experience a building they speak to you. Sometimes they are cold, sometimes they warm, they are inviting, they are repulsive and any of these are better ways and deeper ways to describe a building,”

Daas says a better ranking might be on how the building serves the community.

“Whether it is accessible, inclusive and humane,” said Das.

One City Hall employee says his department creates a different kind of beauty with the work they do for families.

“Each floor when it comes to our buildings, we take care of all the parents out there so that is a unique thing we have that other buildings don’t,” said the city employee.

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