The Recher Theatre To Reopen Its Doors For Concerts

For the first time in eight years, concerts are coming back to Towson.

Video Transcript

NICOLE BAKER: Well, live music is returning for the first time in eight years. Concerts are coming back to Towson. Thanks for staying with WJZ tonight. I'm Nicole Baker.

DENISE KOCH: And I'm Denise Koch. The Recher Theatre is reopening its doors in just a few days for socially-distant shows.

NICOLE BAKER: WJZ's live Stetson Miller is telling us more about what's different this time around and what shows are coming soon. Hey, Stetson.

STETSON MILLER: Hey, Nicole and Denise. Yeah, a lot of people are very excited about the return of the Recher, here. Years ago, this place used to host a lot of well-known acts, both local and international. And now they're coming back.


Live music is back at the Recher Theatre after closing its doors to concerts in 2013.

- They gave us a call. And we were like, yeah, let's do that.

STETSON MILLER: The venue used to host shows with both local and well-known artists like the White Stripes, Linkin Park, and Iggy Pop. But it couldn't compete with bigger venues, so it was turned into a nightclub. But then co-owner Brian Recher got a call from promoter Paul Manna, who wanted to start it all up again.

BRIAN RECHER: Promoters always said Baltimore's not a music town. And Paul's like, no Baltimore is a live music town.

STETSON MILLER: The first show starts Friday with Baltimore-based Kelly Bell band. And it's already sold out, along with several other shows. Even though indoor concerts are allowed at up to 50% capacity right now, the Recher is taking a more cautious approach.

BRIAN RECHER: It's just to get started. I mean, we're only selling like 85 tickets in the beginning.

STETSON MILLER: Now masks must be worn at all times, except when seated at tables. These are all six feet apart, and groups that planned to sit together have to come and go at the same time. The venue has also had a facelift, new lights, an updated stage and flooring, and an upgraded sound system. But it's still the same classic Recher Theatre, the mission to bring more live music to the people of Baltimore.

BRIAN RECHER: Everybody loves music. It's something about. It's good for everybody.

STETSON MILLER: And again, the first live show is on Friday at 7:00 PM. But the tickets are already sold out for show. There are other shows, though, in the future that still have tickets available. You can find the link to buy those on our website, We're live in Towson, Stetson Miller for WJZ.