Record Highs Expected Over Easter Weekend

Meteorologist Chris Spears has your forecast.

Video Transcript

JUSTIN ADAMS: Let's get a check of the forecast with Chris Spears in Colorado's Weather Center.

CHRIS SPEARS: Well, good morning to you. Happy Saturday. Beautiful day unfolding for you. And you can see it right there. Blue skies all across the state. This is going to be one of the days that you need to take advantage of it. Even if you are crazy busy, make 5, 10 minutes of time for yourself to get outside. You'll be glad you did.

30s and 40s on the Eastern plains this morning, 29, the exception there at Limon. It is 35 this morning in beautiful Salida, 28 in Avon, 29 in Cortez, and 38 in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Out on the Western slope, Ridgway, Randy Bursk, 41 degrees. Opposite side of the state, north of Sterling, Ken Namuth up there in Logan County, 34 degrees.

Most of the country quiet. This is really the only game in town, little active weather in South Texas. Just some showers, not too bad down that way. Here in Colorado, we're quiet, we're dry. We have a big ridge of high pressure sitting overhead. And that's going to control us all through the weekend. It means it's going to be warm. It means the wind speeds will be on the lighter side.

Our fire danger is going to go up. I'll show you that here in just a moment. This morning, wind speeds 5 to 10 miles per hour at most places. Few locations in Southern Colorado up near 15, and we're 12 miles per hour at DIA.

Here's Futurecast. It is rolling. The clock is moving. Just not a whole lot to show you. There could be a stray shower in southern Colorado today. And by this evening, we may get a little band of mid and high level cloud cover coming through. But that's about all we are expecting.

As we move through time, this ridge of high pressure is going to kind of sink to the south and allow this low to come in from the Pacific. It'll be into the Northwest by about Monday. And in between these two systems, the wind will pick up. So Monday will turn windy, although it does stay warm. Because it's windy and warm in the forecast, we already have a fire weather watch for parts of the Western slope Monday afternoon into Monday evening.

60s today in the High Country, 70s to near 80 both West and East, about 78 at the airport in Denver. Downtown we'll be closer to 80. Today's record is 78. So that's in jeopardy. 80 tomorrow. The record is only 76. That too could fall. Monday, 78. And then, Justin, you'll see a little cool down coming Tuesday. Much cooler Wednesday, with maybe a chance for a quick shower or some sprinkles as a cold front comes through middle of next week.

JUSTIN ADAMS: Bring the heat wave in to Colorado. It's what I love to see.

CHRIS SPEARS: Looking good.

JUSTIN ADAMS: All right. Thank you so much. Coming up--