Record-low temperatures possible this weekend in Alaska

A historic cold blast settling into Alaska this week will send temperatures plummeting far below zero this weekend, potentially toppling century-old low temperature records.

Video Transcript

- Alaska is no stranger to extreme weather. And that's exactly what we're going to be dealing with here over the next few days, especially in terms of temperatures. Take a look at the low temperatures Thursday morning across the state. Places like Ukivok getting down to more than 20 degrees below 0. That's actual air temperature, not AccuWeather RealFeels. Those were closer to more like 30 and 40 below 0, especially through some of the passes through northern Alaska.

Fairbanks kicking off Thursday at 2 above 0. And this is going to linger at least through the first half of the week, and all thanks to this big southward dip in the jetstream, this powerful trough of colder air that's swinging on through. This is going to keep temperatures about 20 to 40 degrees below normal, challenging record low temperatures here. Again, through Friday and into our Saturday.

Friday afternoon, high temperatures in Ukivok getting to only 5 below 0. Fairbanks, 5 above 0. And we're usually closer to 40 degrees for this time of year. So this is extreme stuff where we're going to need to keep that cold weather gear around.

Eventually, this trough shifts off to the east. We get more of a ridge to build in as we head into early parts of next week. This is going to allow for that southwest flow, bringing in some of that warmer air, eventually getting numbers back to where they're supposed to be.

But in the meantime, Fairbanks, take a look at this seven-day forecast. Highs only in the teens on Saturday, back into the lower 30s on Sunday. So feeling better.

But it's not until Monday and Tuesday, and even into the middle part of next week, when we're back closer to 40. We'll get some clouds to work back in. But yeah, we're going to be looking forward to some of that warmer air once it finally moves back in.