WHO has recorded 974 attacks against health care in Ukraine since Russia’s full-scale invasion

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According to the World Health Organization, out of 974 recorded attacks, 873 impacted medical facilities. The attacks have killed at least 101 people and injured 136 others since Feb. 24, 2022.

Russia’s missile strike on a medical clinic in Dnipro on May 26 is not yet included in the data as it takes time for the WHO to verify all attacks. According to Dnipropetrovsk Oblast Governor Serhii Lysak, the attack on the medical facility killed at least two people and wounded 31.

The latest attack recorded in the database took place on May 7.

“WHO condemns all acts of violence against healthcare. These attacks not only kill and maim but also deprive people of urgently needed care, endanger healthcare providers, and undermine health systems,” WHO spokesperson Dr. Margaret Harris told CNN.

“Attacks on health care workers, patients, transport, supplies, and health facilities are a flagrant violation of International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights Law and must stop now,” she said. “We call for an immediate cessation of all activities that endanger the lives of health care workers and patients or impede delivery of essential health services.”