Red Cross Disaster Services Hero: Chef Q Ibraheem

When the pandemic left a local chef without any work, she changed course to help others. Chef Q is the Red Cross' Disaster Services Hero.

Video Transcript

- Today, we're taking time to honor some extraordinary people doing extraordinary work.

- We all know life doesn't always go as planned. So when the pandemic left a local chef without any work, she changed course to help others. Chef Q is the Red Cross Disaster Services Hero.

Q IBRAHEEM: I've always been around food. My love for food inspired me to become a chef. Pre-pandemic, I run a secret location supper club. We do six courses, and we partner with local wine artisans, flower artisans.

In March, we literally lost everything. After crying for two days, I jumped in and started calling parents, and parents were calling me. I realized that people really, really needed food.

I did it by myself for the first three weeks. I did all the cooking, all of the prepping, all of the boxing. I would do the delivery, and then come back to the kitchen, and clean up. Within probably 10 days of that 39, we were at 75 people. Then we were steady at about 105. I opened a secondary kitchen, so that we could execute 100 to 105 meals daily out of each kitchen.

NICOLE WILLIAMS: She was very comforting. I didn't feel embarrassed to ask to be put on her list or to talk to her about what might be needed for myself, my child, and even some of my neighbors. There are a lot of parents that we were in quarantine, so they couldn't do things. So socially, it was really good during the pandemic in order to bring some social points out for the kids. They can talk with their parents about what they got from chef Q.

Q IBRAHEEM: Food insecurity is real. It's always been real, but with the pandemic, it has highlighted what's going on in our nation. If you want to give back to your community, no one's stop. I'm just one person, as you are, and that one person can really affect the way or change lives for the better.

Never believe that just one person cannot do it. We can move mountains.

- The need is great, especially now. You see the ways to give right here on the bottom of your screen.

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