Red Cross Of Illinois CEO Celena Roldan

CBS 2 spoke to the head of the Illinois Red Cross, Celena Roldan, about the importance of the organization's mission and the multitude of services the Red Cross provides throughout the year.

Video Transcript

- As we celebrate our heroes today, you can be a hero, too. Donate blood. Give generously, and volunteer to help those in need. Join CBS2 and the Red Cross as we honor our local heroes during an extraordinary time.

- And there are simply so many heroes in our community, including volunteers with the Red Cross.

- Overnight, some of those volunteers responded to this fire in the Goose Island neighborhood. Seven adults and four kids were left homeless when a fire started on the back porch.

- One example of so many. Joining us now, Red Cross of Illinois CEO Celena Roldan. Celena, we've certainly had a challenging year. And when disaster hits, there's a two-fold fight right now.

CELENA ROLDAN: A pandemic does not stop the Red Cross mission. And our volunteers, as you just mentioned, have continued to be there, to respond to large-scale disasters like hurricanes or tragic home fires, just as we saw this morning. And it's such an honor to be able to now have an opportunity to honor our Red Cross heroes this year, individuals that have also been saving lives this year and changing their communities during this pandemic.

- Speaking of that, Celena, we just love sharing the hero stories here as well, too. Why is it so important for the Red Cross to honor people in our community?

CELENA ROLDAN: We know that not one individual or one group can do this alone. All of us together can help save lives and help communities and individuals and people recover. And so we know that individuals, every single day, are making a difference. And that's what the Red Cross is all about, and why it's so important for us to honor our Red Cross heroes.

- Hopefully, we'll be doing it in person again next year. One of the hardest working CEOs in the game, Celena Roldan, thank you for your time.


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