Red Flag Warning For Most Of Eastern Colorado

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- That's our Katie Weiss with that report, important work that she's doing, and hopefully the city will be able to step up and help out those in need. Let's get over to Dave Aguilera, our meteorologist, who's going to give us a quick update. Dave, as we can see right behind you, the winds are not coming down.

DAVE AGUILERA: We've got the big spin going on on the anemometer up on the rooftop here at channel for 20 to 25 mile per hour gusts. Now, the flags are flapping, and the cameras are bouncing around here. Here's a look at the wind gusts. Along the front range, 21 right now downtown miles per hour, 48 in Berthoud Pass. 30 to 35 from Loveland and Fort Collins. So these winds are kicking up. And to further East, you've go even stronger it is out in Fort Morgan, 43 mile per hour gusts there.

Phil Curry, it is warming wind. Phil Curry is in East Franktown and he has 62. Larry Giauque is our weather watcher and Brush, he's at 63. And he says his wind is going about 34 miles per hour out there as well, Brush, right out here close to Morgan County. Mostly, clear skies on the satellite and radar.

Now, we are under the influence of a flat, high pressure ridge here that's bringing in those westerly winds and the drying as well. This is the guy we're watching for tomorrow. Now, it's starting to move close to Colorado. As it moves closer to this high, the pressure gradient squeezes, and we get those winds blowing in between those two things.

Overnight tonight into tomorrow, the front comes through. Tomorrow morning, the front should come through, probably, about between 7:00 and 10:00 o'clock. And as it does, we might get maybe a 1/2 inch to an inch of snow in the northern mountains. And for Denver and the Eastern plains, maybe a little spit of rain mixed with snow in the morning tomorrow. But it's a fast mover, it's got a lot of wind. By afternoon, the whole thing moves on out. We just are left with a few clouds at the remainder of the day and a clearing day on Saturday.

With this all coming together, red flag warning as we told you at the top of the show, for almost all of Eastern Colorado, Western Colorado, and the San Luis Valley as well. Now, Colorado Springs and Pueblo have also been added into this for today and tomorrow as these winds are really going to kick up over the next two days. High temperatures today, 60s, 70s, down low will be in the 40s and 50s up in the mountains. And then looking ahead for Friday, temperatures cool down, 50s and 60s replace those 70s that we got around the Eastern plains tomorrow behind that front.

So 69 out to be the high today here in Denver breezy and warmer. Then tomorrow, 51, a morning mix. Doesn't look like a lot of moisture for us, but it'll be kind of wet and damp in the morning and then windy conditions. 70 on Saturday. Another little shot of cooler air coming in Sunday into Monday with 50s, and that may change the weather pattern. Look at this, next week Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, each day a chance of snow or rain showers mixed together with temperatures in the 40s there.

And Dylan, right now it looks like Tuesday into Wednesday, we could get a real good shot of moisture around here, might even have some accumulating snow by the time we get to Wednesday. Too early to tell you how much, but it could be a pretty good soaker for us.

- All right, Dave. Thanks so much. If it's not red flag, it is--