‘A red-letter day’: Pittsburgh Zoo & Aquarium welcomes new red panda

The Pittsburgh Zoo & Aquarium announced it has welcomed a new red panda.

A two-year-old female red panda named Marcy arrived at the zoo on Oct. 24 from North Dakota.

Marcy joins another female red panda, Xia, who has been at the zoo since 2012. Both can be seen in the Forest Passage red panda exhibit toward the front of the park.

“The initial goal when receiving a new red panda is to acclimate the animal to the many new experiences her new home provides, from meeting and understanding her new keepers and the daily activity of the space to learning every square inch of her home; location of food, water, and bathrooms; the movement of our guests; and the new sights, sounds, smells,” said Lead Keeper Ray Bamrick. “It is a great change to her life, and we work very hard at making these changes gradual and comforting.”

Back in July, the zoo’s male red panda, Kovu, died. At the time, Bamrick said he was a “representative for his endangered wild cousins.”

According to the zoo, maintaining the presence of red pandas in zoos is of the utmost importance to learn about their biology and guard against extinction as humans continue to encroach on their ideal habitat.

“The goal is to provide comfort and opportunity for each panda, to coexist peacefully, to interact with their keepers, and have a long, exceptional quality of life,” said Bamrick. “We look forward to guests getting to know her better.”

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