Red lights out as Amsterdam enters curfew

The curfew, which is largely intended to target new, more infectious variants of COVID-19, went into effect at 9 pm and is one of the toughest moves yet to limit the spread of coronavirus in the Netherlands.

Under the new rules only people with pressing needs including key workers and those with medical emergencies will be allowed to leave their homes between 9:00 p.m. and 4:30 a.m. local time and is expected to last until at least Feb. 9. Violators can be fined 95 euros ($115).

Public broadcaster NOS said on Sunday (January 24) that nationwide, more than 3600 people were fined and 25 people were arrested, because they refused to go home or committed public violence.

Video Transcript

- Of course, this is a measure that is really minimizing our freedoms. It's something that we are not used to in this country. But again, I think we have to do everything that's necessary now. So giving up a bit of freedom, it's a-- well, it's a thing we just have to do.