It’s a ‘red line’ — Ukraine must cancel visit of Slovakian PM Fico after outrageous comments — UA MP

Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico
Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico
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A decisive response is nessessary to statements by a foreign leader that challenge Ukraine's sovereignty, the Ukrainian Parliament's Foreign Affairs Committee head, Oleksandr Merezhko, said on Facebook on Jan. 21.

“Every nation must have some minimum level of self-respect,” the Servant of the People MP wrote. “It is absolutely unacceptable to pretend that nothing is happening when a foreign leader makes statements questioning the sovereignty of a state. This is the 'red line' that demands a firm and unequivocal response, especially when such shameful remarks are made by a foreign leader just before visiting the very state whose sovereignty he denies.”

While Merezhko did not specify who he was referring to, his post came after recent anti-Ukrainian comments by Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico, who has a planned visit to Uzhhorod on Jan. 24.

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“In such cases, the visit is usually canceled, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs makes a statement aimed at protecting the sovereignty and honor of their state,” Merezhko stated.

In comments under his post, the deputy refused to confirm or deny that his post was specifically about Fico's statements, stating it was his “general observation as an international lawyer.”

“It's about principles, not specific personalities,” Merezhko added.  “Everyone can interpret it in their own way.”

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Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico is scheduled to meet with Ukrainian Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal in Uzhhorod on Jan. 24.

Fico has stated he intends to tell Shmyhal that he opposes Ukraine's NATO membership. Days before the meeting, he also made blatantly anti-Ukrainian remarks, calling Ukraine a non-sovereign country under complete U.S. control.

“In 2014, after the Maidan, Ukraine became entirely controlled by the U.S,” Fico stated on a Slovak TV channel.

“Why did the Russian president order the use of military force in Ukraine? Imagine Mexico, next to you, with its defense ministry and entire political scene, including the president and government, under full Russian control. Now imagine Mexico joining a military organization where Russia plays a decisive role. What would you do? This argument is rational! Ukraine is not sovereign and is entirely under U.S. control.”

Ukraine might have to cede part of its territory to Russia, Fico claimed.

“There has to be some compromise, which will be very painful for both sides, said Fico.

“What are they expecting? That the Russians will leave Crimea, Donbas, and Luhansk? That's unrealistic.”

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