Red scare: US conservatives beat socialism drum ahead of 2020

Michael Mathes
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    Lee Gary
    The ten most socialistic nations today aren’t really socialistic, but as the U.S. uses elements of socialism combined with capitalism to achieve a balanced and progressive society. Just as the United States does. Cherry picking countries to prove a point is ? pointless. There is no one system that fits all or is full-proof. Adaptation of these systems to meet the needs of the nation is key. Fear of a word simplifies the process to gridlock and stagnation. Something the U.S. is very familiar with as well considering its failure to address the lowest life span of any developed nation. The poorest health care coverage of any developed country yet it spends 19% of its GDP on health care, twice as much as other developed countries who provide comprehensive health care to all their citizens. An unequal educational system that is underfunded compared to other developed nations. And a dysfunctional infrastructure which is collapsing due to negligence. The list goes on but this is the tip of the ice berg towards a third world nation status.
    China / Denmark/ Finland /Netherlands / Canada / Sweden / Norway / Ireland / New Zealand / Belgium
    There is little to no connection between economic performance and welfare expenditure. Example Denmark & Finland. Though more socialistic than the United States, their workforce remains strong. Denmark has a wide range of welfare benefits they offer to citizens. As a result, they have the highest taxes in the world. Equality is considered the most important value in Denmark. Yet, small businesses thrive, with over 70% of companies having 50 employees or less. Finland’s literacy rate is 100% and it has one of the world’s best educational systems, with no tuition fees and also giving free meals to their students. Canada is mostly a free market economy, but has a very extensive welfare system that includes free health and medical care and Canada is ranked in the top five countries to live in by the Human Development Index and United Nations. Rather than latch on to paranoia and fear as the politicians and very wealth trot out every time healthcare or some other national need is brought to light, how about some rational dialogue about the challenges facing the nation and sit down and come up with compromised solutions to meet these challenges. If anyone thinks the other 50% are going to walk away and give up their chair at the table, they are naively mistaken. We all have to work together. No one party is going to rule forever or impose its agenda on the rest of the nation. You on the right and left want progress? Then you better put your fannies at the table and talk across it in a civilized fashion and recognize the other side has legitimate issues, beliefs, and rights and neither side is going to impose their will on the other without great cost. Something this nation did once before for no good reason. Dialogue, rational, pragmatic solutions based on equitable compromise, consideration and acceptance of the other sides rights under the constitution is the only road to map to a successful future for the nation. The other road will destroy the house from within.
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    A blend of socialism and capitalism works fine. Social Security and Medicare are fine programs. When politicians take taxpayer money to build sports stadiums then that's an example of bad socialism. There needs to be both limited socialism and capitalism. Good luck with your health care bills if it's in the hands of for profit companies. Their number one priority is to make a profit for their share holders and not your health.
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    Patricia T
    Socialism is a range of economic and social systems characterised by social ownership of the means of production and workers' self-management,[10] as well as the political theories and movements associated with them.[11] Social ownership can be public, collective or cooperative ownership, or citizen ownership of equity.[12] There are many varieties of socialism and there is no single definition encapsulating all of them,[13] with social ownership being the common element shared by its various forms.[5][14][15] In 21st century America, the term socialism, without clear definition, has become a pejorative used by conservatives to taint liberal and progressive policies, proposals, and public figures.[16]
    (Wiki) so what about social security,medicare both socialist programs.
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    “The Apprentice” portrayed Trump not as a skeezy hustler who huddles with local mobsters but as a plutocrat with impeccable business instincts and unparalleled wealth—a titan who always seemed to be climbing out of helicopters or into limousines. “Most of us knew he was a fake,” [Jonathon Braun, a multi-season editor on the show] told me. “He had just gone through I don’t know how many bankruptcies. But we made him out to be the most important person in the world. It was like making the court jester the king.” Bill Pruitt, another producer, recalled, “We walked through the offices and saw chipped furniture. We saw a crumbling empire at every turn. Our job was to make it seem otherwise.”- Mark Burnett, creator of Survivor and the Apprentice.
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    I have to chuckle a little....I only have one question for everyone that can’t get past their firmly held beliefs which may or may not be based upon a true understanding of the facts. In a sustainable society, what is the optimum income distribution across the population to maximize economic activity? In the late 19th and early 20th century it was highly the mid to late 20th it spread with a growing middle class. Now we are moving back toward a highly concentrated model.
    For me it not about economic model but results.
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    chillin wid ma homies
    Most Americans don't really know what socialism is. But they're experts on the Kardashians, reality tv shows, guns, pickup trucks, and other extremely important things.
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    Nattering Nabob
    The problem with oligarchy is it leaves everyone but the very wealthy in debt and disenfranchised - Plato
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    I called this weeks ago. They need to worry about balancing a budget and nothing else. When you bail out rich farmers, is that the socialism their referring to?? The Republican Party, thanks to Karl Rove, is very good at the fear word games. Their just not very good at balancing budgets and governing.
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    Both Parties are Useless
    Maybe somebody needs to remind these politician that we already employ socialist polices in the US and most countries that run well employ a blend of free market/capitalism and socialism. It's just how much one way or the other you want to go. We don't need a robber barron society, but we don't need straight up distribution of wealth and growth stunting.
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    I’ll vote for the guy who will protect me from my fears which didn’t exist until the guy I’m voting for scared me.