Red Skies as Black Ash Washes Up on Merimbula Beach as Bushfire Rages on New South Wales South Coast

Skies turned bright red and piles of ash washed up on Merimbula Beach on the New South Wales South Coast on January 5 as an out-of-control bushfire raged to the south threatening coastal communities and forcing evacuations.

“Streaks of black ash brought in with the tide stretchs along the beach. The oval behind is full of evacuees, all some have is their car and a tent,” Jordyn Beazley posted to Twitter.

Authorities told residents of Eden to evacuate north towards Merimbula on January 5 as the Border Fire was pushed towards the regional town by strong southerly winds.

The Border Fire started across the state boundary in Victoria and had burned more than 130,000 hectares.

150 fires were burning in the state of New South Wales with around 60 not contained on the morning of January 5. Credit: Jordyn Beazley via Storyful