Reddit Is in Disbelief Over This Stepdad Who Expects His Stepdaughter to Clean up After Him

If there was a contest for most annoying stepdad ever, this guy on Reddit would to the list. His wife wrote in about his seriously eyebrow-raising treatment of his stepdaughter, and it’ll make your blood boil.

In the ever-favorite “Am I The A—hole?” subreddit, a mom wrote in about the recent situation that has been going on with her college-age daughter. The young woman is in her second year and often comes home to study — which is NBD for the mom. However, lately, her husband has been working from home full-time, and he apparently misses the in-offjce custodial services.

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Despite “respect, understanding and trust” between each other, lately the stepdad has been asking his stepdaughter to clean up after him. “My daughter complained that husband would put her to work, in disregard of the fact that she’s learning,” the mom wrote, adding that her daughter would be quietly in her room studying when she would hear a knock from her stepdad.

“At some point husband would knock saying ‘Hey, I just had lunch, could you please clean up the table? I’m starting a meeting,’” the mom wrote. “Or ‘I spilled some water, mind wiping it, I gotta focus on work!’” Wait, what? What fully grown person older than 3 can’t wipe up their ow spilled water? This is actually so weird. Imagine making a mess then going all the way to someone else’s room to disturb them with a request to clean up after you? Are you the King of England, sir? The audacity of this man.

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“She told me she feels like he doesn’t care about her learning time and he doesn’t acknowledge she is also working,” the mom continued. “She told me she wouldn’t have minded if it was a one-time occurrence, but it has became a habit of his.” Better than me — I would have spoken up after the first ridiculous request!

The mom advised her daughter not to clean up after him next time. So when she came home to a dirty table, she confronted her husband, who — unsurprisingly! — blamed it on his stepdaughter. “He said ‘Well [Daughter] should’ve cleaned it up!’” the mom said, and it’s a wonder she could even tupe this with a straight face.

She went on to defend her daughter. “I jumped at my husband, telling him daughter has exams and came here to learn, not to clean up after him,” the mom wrote. “He tried to defend himself saying he had an urgent meeting. I told him he could’ve came to clean up afterwards and mentioned I know it’s not the first time it’s happening.”

So like any man who realizes he’s been caught, he dug in his heels. “My husband sighed and said he thought it’s not a big deal for my daughter to spare a couple minutes to quickly put the dishes in the dishwasher or something like that,” the OP wrote, adding that her daughter thought “it could be done so quickly, why didn’t he do it?” Exactly.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, the mom had to remind her (fully grown) husband that “everyone cleans up after themselves.” Again, another lesson everyone but toddlers seem to know. Of course, then he confronted his wife in private, saying “that he felt like I humiliated him in front of my daughter.” She responded, “I told him to grow up and stop acting like daughter will pick up after his mess. He got upset. AITA?”

This guy is not only lazy, but also a total bully, and Reddit agreed. “Wow NTA your husband is being very sexist and entitled,” one person wrote. “Why should your daughter clean up HIS mess. That’s crazy!!” Right? It makes zero sense.

Another quipped, “Because he has a important meeting… That’s why she has to drop everything and jump when he commands…”

One person pointed out, “Sounds like he has horrible (or excellent) time management skills if he can always just finish eating but just doesn’t have the time to clean up after himself before his important meetings.”

“What makes it even more interesting is that somehow it takes so much time to clean up spilled water and she’s somehow closer to the paper towels than he is after he spills!” someone else said. “Makes so much sense to ask her to clean it up since it takes apparently SO much time and effort to rip off a couple pieces of paper towel, put it on top of the spill, and wipe it up /s.” It’s not even like he’s asking her to take a turn with the dishes. He’s literally tracking her down to make her clean up his spilled glass. It’s so weird.

Another person wondered how this man took care of himself when his stepdaughter wasn’t around. “This is a strange control move,” they wrote. “The daughter is only there for finals from what I read. Does the husband usually leave a mess when the daughter isn’t at home? Or is he somehow capable of tending to his own mess when he’s alone?”

“The knocking and THE WATER just kill me!” someone else said. “He actually knocks on her door every time to come clean the mess he has made! AND WIPE HIS SPILT WATER?! Is it me or does this remind anyone else of toddlers yelling for their mother to come wash them after they’ve pooped?” It’s definitely sh-tty behavior, for sure.

He’s treating his stepdaughter like his own personal servant, and it is out of control behavior. I’m so glad her mom is sticking up for her because yikes. If this guy is going to act like a bossy toddler, he needs a timeout ASAP.

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