Reducing Emissions Using The Railways — Net Zero Carbon

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Net Zero Carbon is sponsored by Norfolk Southern. Norfolk Southern isn't just in the business of moving freight, they're in the business of a better planet. To learn more about Norfolk Southern's industry-leading sustainability initiatives, go to

Going intermodal and using rail is a big thing shippers can do now to reduce emissions. Some have estimated that intermodal is 1.5 to 2.5 times more efficient than over-the-road options.

On this episode of Net Zero Carbon, host Danny Gomez talks to Commtrex founder and CEO Martin Lew about how railroads work to get those emissions reduced.

Lew and Gomez discuss how big shippers can utilize the rail networks as alternatives to trucking, even if it seems more complicated on the front end. Big investments are being made in the intermodal space and the future of green transport may lay in battery-powered locomotives.

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