Ree and Her Dad Had a Special Dinner at P-Town—See the Photo!

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What a fun dad-daughter dinner date!

Ree's been plenty busy this summer, what with planning Alex's wedding, writing her new cookbook, and enjoying her vacation with Ladd. But she recently got to relax and spend some time with her dad, Bill—and the pic from their get-together is just the best!

Take a look at Ree's recent Instagram story, which she snapped when Bill was visiting Pawhuska over the weekend. The pair ate at P-Town, Ree's much-loved pizza joint where cheese, carbs, and happiness are plentiful. It's hard to say whether the smiles on their faces are from spending some quality father-daughter time together or from enjoying a second (okay, third!) slice of pepperoni. Let's go with both! 🍕

Photo credit: The Pioneer Woman
Photo credit: The Pioneer Woman

Ree's gotten to catch up with a few loved ones recently. She saw plenty of friends and family at the wedding, but she also took a trip to Vail, Colorado with her sister Betsy. They laughed, hiked, and had tacos. Then she went back for another getaway with Ladd, where she hiked again—and we all know how that went. 😂

It's probably best that she and Bill keep their visit contained to P-Town. Pizza > Berry Picker, always. The only uphill battle at her restaurant is deciding how many Not Knots to eat!

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