Storm-weary Louisiana residents hit by week of nearly nonstop rain

AccuWeather's Kim Leoffler took a look back at the flooding that occurred in Louisiana the week of May 17.

Video Transcript

KIM LEOFFLER: 12 and 1/2 inches of rain fell on the city of Lake Charles in just a few hours Monday. A flash flood emergency was issued, with water threatening neighborhoods.

ALEXIS WILSON: I've never seen anything like this. And I watched Ike from that bridge, over there. And it did not look like this.

KIM LEOFFLER: Once the water receded, residents took advantage of breaks in the rain to get everything cleaned up. Many residents just finishing repairs from hurricanes Laura and Delta last year, which caused billions of in damage.

DELL LOUIS: I'm still alive. Whether I have a place to go or not, I'm still alive. And I thank God for it.

KIM LEOFFLER: Charity organizations' volunteers-- on the ground since the hurricanes last fall-- rushed to help out again, gutting out floors and walls so they can dry out.

THEO EAGLE: There was this incredible need in the community before the flooding happened, and it's just going to exacerbate the situation.

KIM LEOFFLER: River levels high in some parts of Lake Charles Friday, as well as on the Texas State line. Water covering some roadways. Lake Charles spared from more flash flooding, as rain showers continue to move through. But that wasn't the case in the eastern part of the state.

Baton Rouge saw flooding on Tuesday, with several cars seen stuck in floodwaters. On Friday, an AquaDam and near Baton Rouge failed, quickly threatening hundreds of homes. Cajun Navy volunteers worked quickly to fill sandbags in an attempt to stop the flow of water. For AccuWeather, I'm Kim Leoffler.