Refugee tents to be replaced with homes in Syria

Many refugees in Syria's war torn Idlib have had no choice but to live in tents.

But now, those tents are being replaced by new houses in a bid to provide better living conditions.

Over 120,000 refugees across Syria are expected to benefit from the housing project, organized by the Turkish IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation.

The charity also provides refugees with household necessities - from bedding to kitchen equipment.

Hundreds of thousands of civilians have had to leave their homes, due to Russian-backed government forces and Iran-backed foreign fighter militias.

And they are now taking shelter in densely populated camps near the Turkish border.

Three months ago, a ceasefire was agreed between Russia, which backs Syrian President Bashar al Assad's forces, and Turkey, which supports opposition fighters.

Turkey has said that the ceasefire is still holding - despite what they say are attempts by radical groups there to disrupt it.