Regina King: Oscar nom snub 'disappointing,' but still encouraged

Regina King says her “One Night in Miami” Oscar nomination snub is “disappointing,” but she’s still excited about nominations for Viola Davis, Andra Day and Chloé Zhao. The Academy Award winner also discusses her partnership with Vaseline’s Equitable Skincare for All campaign. (April 8)

Video Transcript


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REGINA KING: I mean, I guess it is disappointing for the picture to not be nominated with all of the critical acclaim and the audience love. But for the most part, you know, the people, the "people" people, love the film and got something out of it. And that was the intention. That was the reason for us telling this story.

I think what's exciting, most exciting to me, about this moment is, you know, we have Andra and Viola nominated for best actress. And then you have Chloé Zhao, who's an Asian American woman, that told a story that has nothing to do with Asian American life and you've told it beautifully. And that's quite powerful. And it's evidence that, yes, you don't have to be a white male to tell a story that might be more familiar in the white space.

I had been directing prior to "One Night in Miami," and I was pretty much in every-- I would act in something, and then I would go and direct something, and then act and then go and direct. And that's pretty much been my life over the past, I guess, five, six years.

One of the many things-- I guess I could talk about it because there was an announcement made-- but developing the Shirley Chisholm story on her run for presidency in '72. So John Ridley's written the script, and we've been working on it for, you know, a couple of years now. And it's exciting.

I think it is called inequitable skin care. So when it comes to trying to amplify a conversation or amplify the inequity that-- I was gonna say that comes along with skin care and skin care providers, but I should say inequities, period, when it comes to health care-- I feel like Vaseline is really stepping up to utilize that global imprint.