Regina Mobley honored with local community service award

NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — A coalition of grass roots organizations surprised our Reginia Mobley Thursday morning with an award of of excellence for service to the community.

“She’s the type of person … she dig deep, she dig deep, and she shows so much compassion no matter what the situation may be,” said Bilal Muhammad with Stop The Violence Team.

Stop The Violence Team, Breaking Barriers 7-5-7, Clean Youth Group, Children Of The Sun, Rodrick-Driven and Norfolk Most Wanted Activists are all organizations working to curb violence and bring hope and opportunity to those who have experienced trauma or who are in some way at a disadvantage.

The organizations recognized Mobley, who doesn’t just report on crime, but also exposes the trauma it inflicts and gives a voice to those offering opportunity and hope.

“People love her, as she shows so much compassion for so many people and she’s so open and so diligently saying, ‘I will support this,'” Muhammad said.

Hampton Roads has always been home for Mobley, who lives in Virginia Beach and was born and raised in Norfolk.

Mobley was surprised and grateful for the recognition.

“I think about all the hard work we do every single day,” Mobley said. “It is a sprint everyday at 10 On Your Side, because this is what we do. We are here to represent the community through good and bad. And we want to know your stories. We want to know your challenges. And we want to know how we can help you.”

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