Regional History Day winners announced

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Mar. 11—The annual Region 6 History Day competition took place on Friday, March 4, at Missouri Southern State University, with activities and judging taking place between 8:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. This year, nearly 130 students from nearly a dozen schools participated.

Here are the top three finishers in each judged category:

Senior group documentary

—First place: Sania Hammad and Alizeh Hammad, Thomas Jefferson Independent Day School, "Kissinger's Secret Trip to China: How Backchannel Diplomacy Trumped Public Debate." Teacher: Brittany Legwold.

—Second place: Sydnee Minton, Lauren Nageotte and Hailey Pendley, Neosho Middle School, "Sixteenth Amendment: Taxation With Representation." Teacher: Daniel Williams.

Junior group documentary

—First place: Reid Stanley and Louisa Curchin, South Middle School Joplin, "Torrijos vs. Carter: The Panama Canal Treaties." Teacher: Heather Van Otterloo.

—Second place: Cameron Farmer and Lillian Resz, Nevada Middle School, "The Cutter Incident: Jonas Salk's Worst Nightmare." Teacher: Kim Greer.

—Third place: Avyonna Hagar and Meleah Witherspoon, Carthage Junior High, "The Failed Diplomacy of the Salem Witch Trials." Teacher: Kayla Fultz.

Senior group exhibit

—First place: Mayson Solum and Presley Long, Thomas Jefferson Independent Day School, "The Unfinished Business of Diplomacy in the Tulsa Race Riot." Teacher: Brittany Legwold.

—Second place: Paige Johnson and Rosie Ackerman, Aurora High School, "Animal Welfare Act." Teacher: David Glaser.

Junior group exhibit

—First place: Kanton Ast and Kellen Braden, Nevada Middle School, "Fannie Lou Hamer's Struggles With Civil Rights." Teacher: Kim Greer.

—Second place: Ethan Byrd and James Wheeler, North Middle School Joplin, "The Diplomatic Relations of Japan and the United States after WWII." Teacher: Chloe Spencer.

—Third place: Noah Anderson and Tucker Martin, South Middle School Joplin, "Waco Siege: A Diplomatic Massacre." Teacher: Heather Van Otterloo.

Senior group performance

—First place: Kylee Wicklund, Txhiajtxivmim Lee, Mariia Yakubova and Edgar Tevalan, Neosho High School, "The Diplomacy That Ended Thai Kingdom." Teacher: Daniel Williams.

Senior group website

—First place: Nayab Rehman, Jack Tyrrell and Mary Nguyen, Thomas Jefferson Independent Day School, "The Fight for the Right to Marry." Teacher: Brittany Legwold.

Junior group website

—First place: Brock Pyle, John Jasper and David Bhend, South Middle School Joplin, "Cuban Missile Crisis: Diplomacy on the Brink of Nuclear War." Teacher: Heather Van Otterloo.

—Second place: Ilee Branstetter and Laylie Ransfell, South Middle School Joplin, "The Valladolid Debate: Slavery, Morality and Freedom." Teacher: Heather Van Otterloo.

—Third place: Ilario Lolley and Braden Grider, South Middle School Joplin, "The Missouri Compromise: A Temporary Solution to Slavery." Teacher: Heather Van Otterloo.

Senior individual documentary

—First place: Katherine Wagner, Carthage High School, "Vietnam War Protest: Acts of Informal Debate." Teacher: Kayla Fultz.

—Second place: Pa Vang, Wheaton High School, "The Destruction of Isolationism: Debate and Diplomacy." Teacher: Jason Navarro.

—Third place: Dani Garrett, Nevada High School, "J'ai Deux Amours: The Josephine Baker Story." Teacher: Kim Greer.

Junior individual documentary

—First place: Lydia Churchill, Carl Junction Junior High, "Ladies, Looms and Labor Reform." Teacher: Rachel Hensley.

—Second place: Flannery Shelfer, Carthage Junior High, "Victoria Woodhull: Being the Debate in Diplomacy." Teacher: Kayla Fultz.

—Third place: Jedidiah Fewin, Carthage Junior High School, "The Greatest German Diplomat: Otto von Bismarck." Teacher: Kayla Fultz.

Senior individual exhibit

—First place: Haylee Batson, Aurora High School, "Becoming Footloose: School Body vs. School Regulations." Teacher: David Glaser.

Junior individual exhibit

—First place: Uche Mba, Nevada Middle School, "No Justice, No Peace." Teacher: Kim Greer.

—Second place: Noah Ward, Neosho Junior High, "The Epic Miscommunication That Led to Pearl Harbor." Teacher: Haylie Culp.

—Third place: Lydia Crabtree, South Middle School Joplin, "Barbies' Body Gets a Makeover: The Debate Over Barbies' Appearance and Girls' Self-Image." Teacher: Heather Van Otterloo.

Junior individual performance

—First place: Brooklynn Shaw, Nevada Middle School, "The Integration of the American School System; Successes, Failures, Consequences." Teacher: Kim Greer.

Junior individual website

—First place: Emet Kehrer, South Middle School Joplin, "The End of the Vietnam War: Internal Debate and External Diplomacy in America." Teacher: Heather Van Otterloo.

—Second place: Aubrey Stickland, South Middle School Joplin, "Murder or Only Fair?" Teacher: Heather Van Otterloo.

—Third place: Catherine Logan, Carl Junction Middle School, "The Great Anthracite Coal Strike of 1902." Teacher: Rachel Hensley.

Senior paper

—First place: John Streeter, home school, "The Treaty of Versailles: A Failure of Diplomacy." Teacher: Nick Streeter.

—Second place: Lillian Brown, Neosho High School, "The Apocryphal Legacy of Dorothea Dix." Teacher: Daniel Williams.

—Third place: Robert Wagner, Aurora High School, "The General Strike of 1877 and Its Effects Upon Activism." Teacher: David Glaser.