Relax, the Queen Is Sick but She'll Be OK

Yes, Queen Elizabeth II was hospitalized Sunday. Yes, she's experiencing symptoms of gastroenteritis, a stomach virus. But everyone can calm down, because it's only a precaution. She's going to be OK. 

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Buckingham Palace announced the 86-year-old Queen was admitted to London's King Edward VII hospital after suffering symptoms of gastroenteritis over the last few days, where she will have to stay for a few days, according to the BBC's Peter Hunt. Some people were concerned because it's the first time the Queen's been hospitalized in 10 years. Also, the stomach virus we could never pronounce usually causes people to vomit and get diarrhea, so it's pretty gross. It wouldn't be a big deal for a younger, healthier person to get gastroenteritis, but it can be concerning if more fragile people come down with it. 

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But the good news is the Queen should be fine. She did have to cancel a weekend trip to Wales, and a trip to Italy scheduled for later this week, but it was only as a precaution. She's in "good spirits" and "good health," a Palace spokesperson told ITV News. "This is a precautionary measure," the spokesperson said. "She was not taken into hospital immediately after feeling the symptoms. This is simply to enable doctors to better assess her." There you have it, from mouth of the monarchy itself.