Relentless pitties target woman who rescued them

Unrelenting pitties target woman who rescued them

Video Transcript


- What you're seeing is an unrelenting pittie attack.

- Hi, sweet boy.

- Just minutes after this woman saved Simon from possibly being put down, he smothers her with kisses. And Katherine's troubles were just getting started. At home, waiting for Simon was another pittie who had formerly been a bait dog. Having recovered from his skinny self, this velvet hippo named Bub now intimidated everyone in the house.

Even Shrek was defenseless against him. Simon strategy seemed to be that he teamed up with Bub. This was not difficult considering they live in a national park and the family loves the outdoors.

- There's my boys!

- Pretty soon, they formed a bond stronger than superglue.

- Oh, wow.

- And since then, they've started to go after their humans together.

Not even grandparents are off limits. It's just nonstop.

- Oh, boy.

- The two brothers are out of control. They constantly parade things around to show off and impress their parents with cuteness.

- Hi, babe.

- If you still don't get how dire the situation is, check out what dad's Zoom calls look like. Taking a reflective tone, Katharine says these two have taken away her ability to spontaneously travel, her ability to save money, and her ability to talk about anything other than dogs. And all she's gotten in return is unrelenting love from clownish potatoes.