Relief In Sight Thanks To Laguna Beach COVID-19 Relief Fund

Ashley Ludwig

LAGUNA BEACH, CA — If you need something during this tumultuous time of a global pandemic, the Laguna COVID-19 Relief Fund may have something for you.

Launched in April, together with the Boys & Girls Club of Laguna Beach and the Laguna Beach Community Foundation, this fund avails "mini-grants" to help with rent, food, bills, and basic needs, they say.

Applicants must live or work in Laguna Beach, specifically, in the restaurant, hospitality, retail, or personal service industries, their website says.

"Applications will be reviewed by the LBCF COVID-19 Fund Advisors and Community Committee, and grants will be awarded to support those most affected and in need," a spokesperson for the foundation wrote.

Once a candidate is chosen for assistance and financial support, payments will be received in the form of checks, gift cards, or other means as determined appropriate by the Fund Advisors, according to the group.

Applications for these mini-grants are still open, as are donation opportunities.

"Your generous donation will fund our mission and bring relief to families in need," they say.

Donate to help the cause, where 100 percent of proceeds will go to those who apply.

Download your application for a mini-grant here.

This article originally appeared on the Laguna Beach Patch