Relive Morgan Stewart's Most Hilarious Pregnancy Moments on Necessary Realness

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Morgan Stewart's pregnancy journey has been a wild ride, to say the least!

Back in September, the E! News personality shocked fans and her fellow Daily Pop hosts by announcing that she and her husband Jordan McGraw are expecting their second child just six months after she gave birth to their first, a baby girl named Row.

"I can't hide it you guys. I can't hide it anymore," Morgan told Justin Sylvester and Loni Love, admitting that she'd been keeping the exciting news a secret since July.

Relieved she didn't have to hide behind big shirts and black ensembles anymore, Morgan began documenting her pregnancy journey on E!'s digital series Necessary Realness.

Now, we're looking back at all of her most hilarious and candid pregnancy moments.

In the above round-up clip, hear Morgan talk about everything from her "vaginé" to persistent nausea, and everything in between.

As she says in one particularly funny moment, "I had really bad pain yesterday...I think things are growing and stretching and then I have anxiety and then I go pour a bunch of oil all over my body and, like, put my legs up in the air because I think that's going to prevent from swelling into an elephant."

Morgan Stewart's Pregnancy Pics

There's plenty of additional LOL-worthy snippets, including "I'm gonna be a mother of two; That's insane."

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Then there were the more reflective thoughts that Morgan shared.

"Here's how I feel real candidly about the baby," she began. "I'm very excited about the baby, I'm ready for the baby to come, but then there's a huge part of me that's like holy f--k, you're about to have two children."

Morgan continued, "Like having two children that are with you for the rest of your lives, that you're responsible for, that you need to make sure are completely well-adjusted, nice, not f--ked up...I mean, forget it. How am I supposed to do that?!"

Watch the Necessary Realness compilation for yourself in the above clip.

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