Remembering Radio Legend Ron Chapman

The Texas Radio Hall of Fame shared the news of the passing of Dallas radio icon Ron Chapman.

Video Transcript

- --good people. He was one of the most popular voices on DFW radio for decades. Today, we take a moment to remember Hall of Famer in radio, Ron Chapman, who died today at the age of 85.

- Let's confirm all the rumors right after this.

- Ron Chapman got his start in DFW at KLIF back in 1959, but it was his 30 plus year career at KVIL, where Chapman's legendary status would be cemented. Mitch Carr, now at news radio 1080 KRLD, worked alongside Chapman for nearly 20 years.

- He was so good to me for so long.

- He says the secret to the success was Chapman's ability to reach through the radio.

MITCH CARR: He was talking to you. He wasn't talking to us, and that was the difference, I think. And the good ones have it. You feel like they're in your car with you. Not just on your radio, but they're talking to you. They know what you do.

- In 2000, Chapman moved down the dial to 98.7 K LUV, staying there, until his retirement in 2005. Jody Dean worked with Chapman at KVIL and then followed him at K LUV. He remembers Chapman's positive spin on that very day.

JODY DEAN: With Ron, it was, hey, the sun's coming up. There a few clouds, but it looks like a Japanese watercolor. And together, if you'll just take my hand, we'll make it through to the end of this day. Here's John Denver. You know, that's how Ron did it.

- Chapman briefly returned to radio in 2007, substituting for fellow legendary broadcaster, Paul Harvey, and then in 2011, our Karen Borda asked him what he missed most. He said it was the interaction with those who listened to him.

- Is there anything you want your listeners to know?

- Oh Lord, that I love them dearly, and I want my epitaph to say thanks for the ride.

- And what a ride it was. Chapman's family, by the way, did release a statement in the last hour. It says that he died early this morning, and it was of natural causes. And at his wish, there will be no service other than a private family gathering, so it will be honored.