Remembering The Victims Of The Deadly Boulder, Colorado, Supermarket Shooting

People in Boulder, Colorado, are raising money for the deadly supermarket shooting victims' families and offering whatever support they can; David Begnaud reports for CBS2.

Video Transcript

- We're learning new information tonight about the victims of the deadly shooting at a supermarket in Colorado.

- People in Boulder are raising money for the victims' families, and offering whatever support they can. CBS 2's David Begnaud has more on that.

DAVID BEGNAUD: Today, friends and family members continue to come together to pay tribute to the 10 lives lost in the Boulder supermarket massacre.

ROBERT OLDS: She was one of a kind. She was that person.

DAVID BEGNAUD: Ricky Olds was a service manager at King Soopers. Her uncle called her the light of the family.

ROBERT OLDS: She didn't get to experience motherhood. She didn't get to experience marriage. She didn't get to-- she was 25 years old. There's a hole. There's a hole in our family.

DAVID BEGNAUD: Danny Stong was the youngest victim. He was 20.

DEAN SCHILLER: He was a really smart kid. He was training to be an airline pilot. He wanted to be a commercial airline pilot. That was his dream.

DAVID BEGNAUD: Dean Schiller and Stong had spent Monday morning hiking before riding to the market together to pick up lunch. They got separated, and Schiller was already outside when he heard the shots.

DEAN SCHILLER: We go about our lives thinking that we can trust society to take care of us, and he was definitely one of those people. He definitely trusted and was super friendly and helpful.

DAVID BEGNAUD: Police say the suspect, who is now in custody, Ahmed Al Alissa, gunned down 10 people, including police officer Eric Talley. And authorities say he used an assault weapon bought less than a week ago.

CBS News has learned that investigators are looking at mental illness as a significant factor in the rampage. And at this point, there is no indication that the Syrian-born suspect, who grew up in the United States, had been radicalized. Alissa is expected to make his first court appearance Thursday. David Begnaud, CBS News, Boulder.