Remote work job postings plateau, Snapchat requires workers return to office four days a week

Snapchat is now mandating its employees to work in the office four days per week, while new LinkedIn data shows that remote work job postings have reached a plateau.

Video Transcript

- Is remote work fading away before our eyes? Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel wants workers in the office four days a week in order to focus on collective success. Spiegel calling the new work policy Default Together. He wants it done by February.

LinkedIn, however, sees this moment as the great mismatch. Employees wanting to remain remote, employers not so much. That's why 50% of job applications on the platform are for work from home jobs versus just 15% of job listings. Jared, that's the mismatch. I'm surprised, given how tight this labor market is, that employers aren't more flexible on people working from home.

- Employment comes with a lag. I'm going to take that as maybe one reason why that the reality has not caught up with the fundamentals. I think certain jobs, especially in the tech field, really cut out for work from home. There are certain jobs, such as you and me sitting here in the studio, that are not necessarily. Although, we've done this from home many, many times.

- For years.

- Yeah, for years. So it can be done. But there is no doubt that collaborating in person really adds to the juice of the conversation, the network effect. So I think it's a good thing, but I'm not surprised. I think we're going to see more of this reigning some of the work from homers back in, especially on the nontech side.

- I think we'll probably settle in at a [? 3:2 ?] model, I think, long term--

- Talk in your book?

- --if I had to guess. Bob Iger, by the way, at the Disney Town Hall said there's tremendous value working in the same place. I'm going to spend a lot of time here. And I hope it is not lonely. Not exactly clear if that's a [? 3:2, ?] [? 4:5, ?] or get back all together, but clearly making his preference known.