How to Remove All Kinds of Smudges from Your Walls

The walls of your homesee a lot of wear and tear.How you remove stains from your home'swalls will depend largely on their finish.For eggshell, semi-gloss, and glosssurfaces, an all-purpose cleanerand microfiber cloth should work.This is also a good approach forareas that collect fingerprints, likedoor jams and light switches.For matte finishes, test first in aninconspicuous space to be safe.Bigger messes, that either cover a largerarea or are more difficult to eliminate,may require a little extra effort.Use a cleanser or sponge with agentle abrasive to help you scrub.Avoid using anything too abrasiveto clean your walls (especially ifthey have that matte finish).And stick with water-based cleanersto avoid removing the paint