Renée Zellweger addresses ‘fat suit’ criticism after backlash to ‘unrecognisable transformation’ for new show

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Renée Zellweger has responded following controversy over the “fat suit” she wore in her new show.

The actor was criticised in 2021 after pictures emerged from the set of The Truth About Pam showing her wearing a prosthetics and a padded suit intended to make her look larger.

Critics on social media condemned what was billed by the media as Zellweger’s “unrecognisable transformation”, with some commentators branding it “fatphobic”. Writing for, commentator Sarah Alexander said it was ”potentially triggering to other plus-size people”.

Zellweger, who plays Pamela Hupp in the series, was asked about the controversy in a new Sunday Times interview.

She replied: “Look, you want to be respectful and responsible. There’s always a limit to how much you can establish an authentic approximation without being distracting.”

The actor previously said of the costume: “It was pretty much head to toe. It was prosthetics, it was a [padded] suit, it was the choice of clothing, it was the briskness in her step-step-step, her gait.

“All of those things were really important because all those bits and pieces are what construct the person that we project our own conclusions and presumptions onto.”

Renée Zellweger in ‘The Truth About Pam’ (Prime Video)
Renée Zellweger in ‘The Truth About Pam’ (Prime Video)

The series follows Hupp, a woman serving life in prison and recently charged with murder in a separate case. Read more about Hupp and her crimes here.

The series is avaialble to stream on Prime Video. Find The Independent’s verdict here.