Renee Montoya Returns to DETECTIVE COMICS

Since the New 52 started up, a lot of folks have been wondering what happened to Renee Montoya. Her face appeared in BATWOMAN #1 as a fallen officer of the GCPD, but there's been nothing about her since then.

Well, she's coming back to DETECTIVE COMICS in the post-CONVERGENCE era. Announced at Uproxx, the solicit for DETECTIVE COMICS #41 says she'll be Harvey Bullock's new partner.

Following the events of “Endgame,” get ready to ride with the GCPD in a whole new city! Harvey Bullock is leading a Bat task force, but what are his duties, and can he be trusted? And what kind of welcome awaits his new partner, Renee Montoya?

Did Renee ever die or was she just out of commission? Regardless, fans of the character are going to be happy to see her grace DETECTIVE COMICS once again. Now, many will probably be wondering if she's going to be just an police officer or if once again, she'll have a connection to The Question.

We'll all have to wait until June 10th to find out when DETECTIVE COMICS #41 hits local comic shops.

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