Rent's due: Virus jolts personal trainer's business

Amid the virus outbreak, personal trainer Sakai Harrison left his New York apartment for more financial stability in Georgia. Americans struggling amid the economic fallout once again have to worry as their next rent checks come due Aug. 1. (July 31)

Video Transcript

- 18, 17, 16, 15. I went up there with the intention to start my brand, expand it, and get into personal training, into fitness, and I did that. So I didn't fail. It just kind of took a left turn out of nowhere, which nobody could account for. So moving here and being able to pick up the ball, still have new clientele, being able to expand on my brand from what I did in New York, can't complain.


At this point, it's really a personal preference because, I mean, you can stay in the house. But people have caught COVID. And some people have not come back from it in the house, no contact with anybody. I know a couple cases. And you have people who traveled throughout the country, there and back and then nothing happened. So it's like you don't really know. You have to kind of roll the dice and just go with it. One, two, up. One, two, up. One, two, up.