Rep. Adam Kinzinger: Justification for deleted Secret Service texts ‘doesn’t pass the laugh test’

January 6 Committee member Representative Adam Kinzinger (R-IL), joins Andrea Mitchell to discuss the work ahead for the select committee, including possible subpoenas of Ginni Thomas and the personal phones of some Secret Service members, after the agency said text messages on members’ work phones from January 5 and 6 were lost during an update. “When you roll over technology, you're required to keep records. So we want to get that answer as best we can. It's why we've decided we're not going to wrap up the investigation,” says Kinzinger. “Speaking as a committee member, we'll go where the facts lead us on that. Speaking with my opinion, it doesn't pass the laugh test.” He adds, “The federal government is very serious about preserving records, and especially on a day, if you're the Secret Service, like January 6, that was probably their biggest day, frankly, since 9/11.”